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They call him the In and Out Bandit because meticulous thief Tom Carter (Liam Neeson) has stolen $9 million from small-town banks while managing to keep his identity a secret. But after he falls in love with the bubbly Annie (Kate Walsh), Tom decides to make a fresh start by coming clean about his criminal past, only to be double-crossed by two ruthless FBI agents.
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Oct. 15th,
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Well, here we go again, another Liam Neeson action flick. No matter how many times I see his name alongside movies like this I just don’t see Neeson as an “action star” which is kinda odd because he’s been doing action-ish movies since the late 80’s. From the co-creator of Emmy-nominated series Ozark, thriller Honest Thief showcases Liam Neeson in a heartfelt tale of redemption, packed with fights, chases, and explosions centered on one man's mission to make things right for the sake of love.

So in this one Neeson plays Tom Carter, a former Marine (Ooh Rah, Devil Dog) demolitions expert who just happens to be a very successful bank thief in that no one knows who he is and he spent 8 years knocking off banks to the tidy sum of $9 million dollars. Tom meets Annie, we jump ahead one year and the two are a couple with Tom wanting to buy a home and have her move in. Once she agrees Tom figures he should probably tell her that he’s the most successful bank robber in America. Tom devises a plan to turn himself in and give back the $9 Million he stole, Yup that's right 8 years of crime and didn't spend a dime of what he stole.

Tom calls the FBI and gives a report to Agents Meyers (Jeffery Donovan) and Baker (Robert Patrick), who turns the task of checking out yet another ‘In and Out’ confession to two junior agents Nivens (Jai Courtney) and Hall (Anthony Ramos). Once they finally realize “HOLY CRAP, This guy is for real!” Nivens instantly wants the money for him and his partner. He goes thru the whole yarn of working for the government, crappy pension plans, & maybe a gold pen when you retire… You know the kinda sob story you normally hear from a cop who’s spent 25 years on the force and has had it with his low pay high-risk job. When they try to take him out Agent Baker shows up, he gets killed and now Tom is on the run for killing a senior FBI agent and you know the whole $9 million dollar thing

I’m starting to think this has to be a comedy. A thief who steals millions of dollars from various banks, 2 FBI agents who turn “bad” so fast I’m wondering how they even got thru the Psych evals and background checks to even become agents. Oh and I should mention that when Annie finds out about Tom, she has got to be the most reasonable person on the planet. All this happens within the first 36 minutes of the movie, the remaining 60 minutes are shootouts, car chases, and some (so-so) hand to hand combat.

I honestly expected something much better from, Mark Williams, the man who’s a co-creator of one of my favorite shows, Ozark. Honest Thief is just a cookie-cutter version of so many other movies out there with a plot that, as I mentioned before, should be a comedy. Wait till this hits a streaming service you’re already paying for if you wanna watch it.

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Look I like Liam Neeson, but the story in this is just so out of left field it just comes across as being ridiculous. The truly weird thing about it is that with only a few tweaks to the agents that turn bad, or which agent dies would have made a lot more sense to me. Save your money this is a Redbox rental at best.
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