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Paranormal Activity The Ghost Dimension


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Using a special camera that can see spirits, a family must protect their daughter from an evil entity with a sinister plan
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October 23
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After finding an unique VHS camera that can see spirits, Ryan and Emily Fleeges must protect their daughter from an evil entity with a sinister plan. Joined by Ryan’s brother Mike, and family friend Skyler, they attempt to survive and make sense of what is happening around them, including mysterious tapes that eerily connect them to a young Kristi and Katie.

Ok guys, I am going to try and give you as much as I can on this, but there’s simply not much to say. Paranormal Activity The Ghost Dimension is the 5th and alleged final installment of the Paranormal Activity franchise. And to the thought of this film putting an end to the franchise, all I can say is it is about time.

This was not a good movie. And I am a horror movie fan. Every year I watch nearly 100 horror flicks leading up to Halloween.  Today, I spent the entire day revisiting the entire Paranormal Activity franchise. I watched them all before going to see The Ghost Dimension. Did that help or hurt my feelings on the film? I cannot really say. All I can say is that this was just bad.

Before I get into what was so bad let’s talk the few positives. I was unaware that I was walking into a screening for a 3d version of the film. I am not a 3D fan. However they had a good use of 3D on this one. It was space and used as a background effect rather than trying to make everything 3D. They also didn’t do what a few of the more recent films had done and linger on a setting for a long period time with no payoff. Nor did they take too long to get into all the jump scare action. Very little set up. But honestly, we don’t go to these films for the set up.

That said, this was garbage. The film stars Chris J. Murray (discount Luke Wilson), Brit Shaw, Dan Gill, Ivy George, Olivia Taylor Dudley, and Michael Krawic (discount John Malkovich). It is directed by a debuting director who served as an editor for the past 4 films in the franchise, Gregory Plotkin. The actors and crew while not completely horrible are just kind of plain. There is nothing memorable about their performances, nothing to make this film stick out in your mind at all. At least I remember the feeling of watching Katie and Micah go through this torture. I felt afraid when Kristi and Katie were haunted in their room. This go around, there’s a pretty blond. And then some basic people.

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While we don’t go to these films for a spectacular story, in the film meant to be the definitive end to the Paranormal Activity Franchise, there is no end. No wrap up, same old cliché cliffhanger ending. And to be real, you got the game twisted if you think for one second I believe this is what they have in mind for an end. The explanation is lacking and all it really succeeded in doing was pretty much making more plot holes.

Speaking to their attempt to end everything and tie things together. They add in some exposition on what exactly happened to the girls, Katie and Kristi, after their Grandmother took possession of them in the 3rd installment. But then does nothing to tie up the loose ends of where they went from there. It leaves the entire story of Robbie and the family from the 4th installment completely alone. I still have no idea where that kid came from. The Marked Ones is not touched on at all. The end might be left to interpretation of what became of Toby, but there are still loose ends. Which once again leads me to believe this isn’t the end.

The gimmick they have thrown in for finally being able to see the activity is pretty cool. Actually giving Toby a shape through this magical camera the family has come across was pretty interesting. However it also takes away some of the fear that not seeing the entity the first film had. While most of the sequels have not lived up to the fear the original placed in us, I feel that they have for the most part been fun. Now, between the last film and this one, it has gotten a little boring, and there is absolutely no substance.

Paranormal Activity 1

The first film was special. While franchises like Halloween, Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street, and even Saw, may have drug past their prime, they always found a way to go and stay entertaining. This franchise does not have that magic. Relying on the found footage genre is not enough to keep these films going. Though I have no doubt this will make money because that’s what they do. They are made for very cheap and have an audience. However at $10 Million The Ghost Dimension is the most expensive of the franchise. With not much to fight at the box office this weekend, despite it being a poor film, I could see it still making its money. Which in turn will churn out another of these terrible films.

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Paranormal Activity The Actual Film is now a spoof of itself.
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There is really not much to say. Paranormal Activity The Ghost Dimension is a waste. If you like the franchise you might have a little fun with it, but even then I doubt it. There are a good amount of one liners in it. I think I laughed more at them then I jumped at the cheesy predictable jump scares. All in all, don’t waste your time. We going Jeebus Score of 2.1, hey that’s better than The Seventh Son! Well what say you horror fans, you looking forward to this “final installment”? What is your favorite film in the Paranormal Activity franchise? Sound off in the comments below. And remember, keep on nerding!
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