Transformers: The Last Knight

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Transformers: The Last Knight


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Humans and Transformers are at war, Optimus Prime is gone. The key to saving our future lies buried in the secrets of the past, in the hidden history of Transformers on Earth.
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I have been fully a fan of Transformers from being a small nerd to being an even bigger nerd. The first live action film is one of my favorites. Now being a fan from many years I’m not one that can’t be told different stories with these characters. My childhood is still intact, on my shelf, in VHS,DVD and Blu-Ray format and the Japanese series on a hard drive. So understand me when I say, I liked the new Transformers movie. 


Okay let’s address the 4th movie in depth, I didn’t like it. That being said after viewing this one if the intention was for a long game I can take off a few bad things I said about that movie, like 15%. Run time on this was 149 minutes and didn’t feel like it. I have to give it to them for the pacing of this movie and not dwelling to little or too much on a scene. Now this in turned helped me deal with the amount of humans to Transformers I didn’t have enough time to hate their existence like I do humans in real life. I will stand by my time old saying of all Transformers movies is that we need less humans and more Transformers. I have to go back to my previous statement of they weren’t there long enough for me to tire of them. I even have to hand it to Mark Wahlberg as his character was genuinely likable in this film as a guy from Texas with a thick accent that’s not from Texas. People can move I know I know. The trio of Autobots Drift, Crosshairs and Hound needed more screen time because John Goodman as Hound is something we can all use more of. 

Now the story isn’t anything particularly complex that may sound bad but with so many of these movies dependent on a centuries old plan being put into effect by forces way too hard to predict is was good they went with a threat being introduced and a threat being eliminated. The threat however is the entire planet of Cybertron coming to Earth led by the creator of the Transformers Quintessa who bends Optimus Prime to her will to bring Cybertron back from a dead world through the sacrifice of Earth where a secret from long ago lies dormant. So the big question they keep saying this film will answer is why do Transformers keep coming to this planet and I will say they kind of answered it but it raised more questions. Also can Frank Welker get some more love for returning as the voice of Megatron complete with a damn fusion cannon on his arm? I will say this movie has its flaws in continuity and story but at the end I felt satisfied with the ending and the journey to get there. It’s worth checking out for a good time at a movie. 

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Transformers: The Last Knight Review
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Transformers: The Last Knight is a return to this franchise's great beginnings making you feel what the first movie did. Not perfect but well done and a very enjoyable.
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