LEGO: Hoth Attack Set and Stormtrooper Constraction

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LEGO: Hoth Attack Set and Stormtrooper Constraction


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The Imperial forces have discovered the location of the secret Rebel base and are attacking. Turn the tower, close the hatch and fire the shooter. Look out for the Snow trooper firing his stud shooter and destroy the Imperial Probe Droid before it gets too close. Can you help Han Solo and the rebels stop the base from being overrun? Only you can decide.

LEGO is releasing a massive Hoth playset this year, but if you’re not looking to spend a big chunk of change, there’s another Hoth set for fans to enjoy.  Despite its smaller size the Hoth Attack set has a lot of neat things to offer.  Come inside for my full review!

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Hoth Attack

Star Wars: Hoth Attack is a smaller playset coming in at just 233 pieces to put together.  Even so, it still manages to give you three minifigures (Han Solo, Snowtrooper, Rebel Trooper) and a cool build for an Imperial Probe Droid.  The set is designed to look like one of the blaster turrets the Rebels used during the battle of Hoth, from the beginning of The Empire Strikes Back.

The entire playset is based around this, but manages to squeeze in some neat features.  The build itself isn’t all that difficult to put together.  My son and I were able to knock it out together relatively quickly.  It’s straightforward for the most part, but there are a couple places where gears and pivots are used to add some movement to the set.  

These parts easily make this set as fun as it is.  For one, the cylindrical ‘tower’ of the turret is built separately and made to sit on top of the base.  While you’re building the base, there are a couple gears you’ll have to create. Once you put the tower on top, the gear allows you to spin the tower 360 degrees.  

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On top of that, the entire base is in three parts, all of which are connected by hinges.  This allows the set to expand outward, giving your Rebel figures cover from the Imperial forces.  Even better, the hinges are set up so that it folds entirely around itself, making a more compact playset that’s easy to put aside or display. It’s a neat way to make the set feel interactive and practical despite it being smaller.  Better yet, the way it’s designed is the first time in a while I haven’t cared about the lack of a unifying base plate (as I’ve talked about in previous reviews).     

Beyond the playset’s cool little features, there are a couple builds within the set that I think are worth noting.  Included are the parts to build your own Imperial Probe Droid as well as a tripod-blaster for the Snowtrooper.  The Probe Droid is cool in that it's build on a base of clear bricks, making it appear as though it's "floating" and the combination of arms/blasters to make the tentacle-like appendages is really clever.  

The blaster is cool as it features handles for the Snowtrooper minifig to grab onto (much like in the movie), while also having a mechanism built in so it can shoot round pegs.  It's a feature we've seen used plenty of times in the past, but that doesn't make it any less of a neat addition.  Combine that with the turret firing as well, and there's a lot of interactivity built into this smaller playset.  

first order stormtrooper buildable battle figure star wars

First Order Stormtrooper Constraction

Next up is something I've largely avoided, despite them being around for a few years: LEGO Constractions.  These things combine the building element of LEGO, but the playtime of action figures.  As a collector (primarily of the toys/action figures), these just never appealed to me as I normally keep things in the box and on display.  These LEGo ones, since you have to put them together before doing anything, just wouldn't work for keeping in the box!

I know, I know; toys are meant to be played with, so when they sent me the First Order Stormtrooper to check out, it seemed like a great chance to try this line out.  Now that I have, I'm kinda bummed it took me so long.  The proportions on these figures are a little more exaggerated, giving the construction more of a cartoony quality to it.  That's not a bad thing, however, as it still looks accurate to the film's characters.  This is especially true of the Stormtrooper, whose helmet is impressively sculpted (enough so to make even Hasbro look twice).  

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The build itself is relatively easy, comprising of just a couple bags of parts.  It doesn't take long to get it up and running, which is largely the point of this line of toys.  They're meant to be used like action figures, and in this regard it's pretty impressive.  The Stormtrooper comes with a pair of blasters which can fit into the hands, or even be "holstered" on the thigh parts.  

Best of all, however, is the amount of articulation the figure brings.  Because it's built off of ball joints, the LEGO action figures feature more range of motion that most figures out there (especially from Hasbro's line).  From wrists to ankles, the joints can all be manipulated (the head is hindered a bit by the chest/shoulder armor on the Stormtrooper).  This makes the figure super easy to pose in a variety of ways, making it ideal for display.  It's also sturdily built, so once it's constructed can endure the rigors of play that comes along with traditional action figures.  

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If you're looking for some great sets without breaking the bank, the Hoth Attack and First Order Stormtrooper Constraction are solid choices. Hoth Attack brings the fun and intricacies of larger builds on a smaller scale with plenty of fun mechanisms and figures that make for fun play time. The Stormtrooper brings the fun of action figures to the LEGO world, with articulation to spare. It's design makes it ideal for either play or display, and hard to resist at only $15.
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