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LEGO Star Wars: Resistance Troop Transport


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Transport Princess Leia, Admiral Ackbar and the Resistance Troopers into battle in the heavy-duty Resistance Troop Transporter. This LEGO version of the starship featured in Star Wars: The Force Awakens has opening top hatches and cockpit, a lowering ramp, space for 4 minifigures inside, as well as dual spring-loaded shooters.

I am continuing my journey (descent?) into the latest Star Wars LEGO sets, and recently I got my hands on the Resistance Troop Transport set, one of the brand new ships from The Force Awakens.  Come inside to check out my review!

The LEGOs I've reviewed/purchased so far have all been familiar vessels that we've come to associate with the Star Wars franchise.  As such I was pretty excited to finally get my hands on a brand new ship, one of the few introduced in The Force Awakens.  The Resistance Troop Transport is the one in which we see General Leia depart after the attack on Maz's castle, and the point where we, the viewers, get to see Han and Leia reunite on the big screen.  It's a powerful moment, so it's easy to forget the new ship that graced the screen as well. 

The LEGO version is a pretty damn fine representation of the C-shaped design and comes with four mini-figs, giving us new versions of Leia and Admiral Ackbar.  It has some neat features that make it cool for both play and display, which is perfect for collectors and kids alike.  

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The Build

Though still technically in the mid-range area of LEGO sets, the Troop Transport is pretty hefty in size and parts.  As is the norm these days with bigger sets, the building bricks are portioned out in numbered bags to be assembled together in pieces.  The set comes with a total of five bags and an 80 page instruction booklet.  Like I said, not the biggest out there, but still pretty hefty in scope. 

The instructions are easy to understand and assembly won't be frustrating to any degree.  The ship itself comes together as though it's three separate units, a middle and two pod-thingys that form the fore and aft sections.  The result is that distinctive 'C' shape.  You'll piece together each section of the ship separately before combining them together.  It's a little wonky, to be honest and it definitely doesn't look like much until it's all put together.  In fact, there were a couple times mid-way through my build that I wondered if I hadn't messed up something because it's such an odd conglomeration.  Even so, it's swanky and makes sense when pushed together.    

The Transport ship uses a fairly large variety of LEGO parts to come together.  From angular bricks with studs set at odd angles, to curvy ones, to interlocking technic pieces used to form hinges and moveable parts.  A whole bunch of stickers and LEGO pieces with designs printed on them make for some impressive "tech" pieces that really bring it together as a ship.  

lego 75140 resistance troop transporter

There are a total of three hinges on the core of the ship.  One that serves as the vehicle's primary entrance, and two more on top that open up for you to view the entire inside of the ship.  In there are display panels, places for mini-figures to sit, and enough room for them to stand in the "hallway."  There's a pilot's cockpit as well, one that sits fairly deep into the design; so far in fact it requires a little lever (which you have to build) to open it. 

There are quite a few smaller parts and intricate things needed for the Resistance Troop Transport build, making it a tad more difficult than usual.  As such, if you're getting this for your kiddos, you might want to hang around and help them put it all together.  I know there were a couple points in which I would have needed to take over building for my kids, though they aren't overly difficult.  

lego 75140 Resistance Troop Transport star wars

The Result

Despite how wonky it looks while being put together, the end result is pretty awesome.  It's about a foot long (give or take an inch), so it feels like a suitably "big" ship that can impress those taking a look at it.  Its slender design, however, keeps it from being too bulky so the vehicle will fit nicely on just about any display shelf.  

I keep talking about display here, largely because the Resistance Transport doesn't lend itself to typical play time as the other LEGO ships I've covered in the past.  Because the hinges sit at the top of the ship, so you can open it up, there doesn't seem like any good place to hold the thing.  Those hinged flaps pretty much take over the entirety of the top of the vehicle.  They sit flush and don't stick out, making it look seamless...But applying pressure makes it feel like they depress a little too much.  Overall it's a sturdy design, but I worried about putting too much pressure onto the hinges.  

The best way to play with the Transport ship seems to be keeping it on the ground, and using it more like a playset piece, rather than a mobile vessel.  In fact, matching it up with the Battle of Takodana playset (which I've discussed before) makes for a nice combined playset that made for a lot of fun to re-enact such a powerful moment from the film.  

Aside from not really seeing much play use in a "flying" capacity, the only other quibble I have is that the entrance hatch (the third hinge on the front), is a tad weak.  It sits precariously on the edge of a rounded disc on only two pegs, because of this any time I tried to pull the hatch down, the whole thing came off of the set.  It just doesn't want to stay on there, and I checked a couple times to make sure I hadn't put it on the wrong way.  Turns out it's correct, but just a little flimsy in an otherwise sturdy set.  

LEGO 75140 Web SEC02 1488

As far as the mini-figs go, I really enjoyed them.  The two Resistance fighters come with helmets that flip up and down, giving their simple builds a little flair.  The older version of Leia is a good approximation of her TFA appearance, and she comes with a double-printed face: one that's smiling and one that's a bit more intense.  My favorite figure, however, has to be the Ackbar.  I can't even fully tell you WHY he stood out to me so much, only that he does.  The head sculpt is perfect for his alien features and his accessories include a cup.  Yes, a CUP.  

It's so strange to have this ship and other figures of war carrying guns, yet Ackbar is content with a cup in his hands.  Really, seems to tie into his role of being a leader rather than a boots on the ground type of fighter.  Like I said, it's an odd little attachment, but one that has fully endeared me to the set.  

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Another Fun LEGO Build, Great for Display
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Overall, the Resistance Troop Transport is a solid addition to The Force Awakens line. Being one of the only new vehicles introduced in the film, it's nice to see it given such a great LEGO accompaniment that brings in a lot of excellent detail with some cool new mini-figs.

In terms of play, I was more cautious with this one than I have been in the past. It's fairly solid, but a few of the more intricate parts seemed more fragile than the rest. As such, it feels like a piece more suited to stable playing (like combining with other sets), or straight up display for your collection. Either way, if you're looking for another great LEGO Star Wars set, the Troop Transport is a safe, and fun, bet.
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