Marvel Year by Year - Updated and Expanded

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Marvel Year by Year - Updated and Expanded


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The most comprehensive history of Marvel Comics ever published, Marvel Year by Year is a fan-favorite title that offers a chronological account not only of Marvel Super Heroes such as the Avengers, Iron Man, Spider-Man, and Wolverine, but also the company that created them. The book highlights the debuts of Super Heroes and Villains, the geniuses who invented them, and the real-life events that shaped the times. It also details Marvel Comics' beginnings and landmarks in publishing, movies, and television.

Marvel/DK have partnered up to bring forth a brand new version of Marvel Year by Year, adding in new details and facts for comic lovers to gobble up.  Is the update worth picking up this time around?  Come inside to check out my review and see.  

The comic book giant, Marvel, has a long and intricate history within the comics industry and the characters they’ve crafted have a deep lore associated with them.  Keeping up with all of it, and the changes that have been made throughout the years, can be a tough job for even the most diehard of fans.  

If you’re looking for a resource to delve into the history of Marvel and it’s broad assortment of characters/stories without having to buy every single’re in luck with Marvel Year by Year.  The first Year by Year came out in 2013, so you’re not seeing double if you remembered the title from its first launch.  A lot can change in four years, however, so DK thought it wise to release an all new expanded and updated version of the coffee table book for fans.  

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The basics of the book remain the same.  Year by Year serves as a history book for the comic company, starting with the very first year of Marvel’s work in the industry.  From there is breaks down EVERY year (hence the title) and all of the major events worth noting that took place within that year.  From character introductions, major comic story arcs, industry happenings, and important facts from the creators behind it all.  

The primary function of the book is to give a snapshot of each year they’re discussing.  As such, it obviously can’t go super deep into each historical point, instead offering a quick glimpse (or trivia bits if you will) of important things.  

It’s a fine balance to walk for this type of book, but I think the update nails it perfectly.  It’s comprehensive enough to give interesting tidbits of info for even the most diehard of Marvel fans, while still be accessible enough for more casual readers.  The layout makes it easy to read and find information quickly.  


The concept behind Year by Year makes it so that you can flip to literally any page and find something interesting.  There’s no specific order you “have” to read it in, and makes for a casual resource to pick up and enjoy.  As such, it’s the perfect addition to your bookshelf, or coffee table for pretty much any level of fan.  

The comic industry moves fast, and as Marvel continues to dominate popular culture with a plethora of movies, TV shows, and everything else...a lot has changed in just a few short years.  So even if you already have the previous edition from 2013, there’s plenty of reason to snatch up the expanded one.  Plenty of new information can be found throughout the book, and new layouts/images make even previously covered details stand out.  

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Despite having a release just four years ago, the updated and expande version of Marvel Year by Year offers plenty of new content to make it worth a second purchases. Beyond the extra years of data, improved layouts and information help give even the previous stuff a new feel. It's definitely worth checking out for just about any level of Marvel Comics fan.
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