Micro Machines: First Order Star Destroyer Playset

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Micro Machines: First Order Star Destroyer Playset


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Picture new galactic maneuvers with this Micro Machines First Order Star Destroyer Finalizer Playset. With a single simple motion, this formidable battleship converts to a miniature battlefield complete with awesome action features. With a dagger-shaped silhouette reminiscent of the Imperial battleships of yesteryear, the Finalizer is a First Order Star Destroyer. In addition to the included Poe Dameron’s X-Wing and First Order TIE Fighter (Battle Damage) vehicles, act out the story with Kylo Ren and Finn (Jakku) Microfigures. Collect and battle with these and other favorite vehicles and figures from Star Wars Micro Machines.

The return of Star Wars to the big screen has also seen the return of a toy classic; Micro Machines. As new sets hit the market for The Force Awakens, I took a look at one of the newest playsets to see how it stacks up to the previous toys.  

When I was younger, one of my favorite Star Wars toys to get were the Micro Machines playsets and mini-figures.  While I love the larger scale toys and played with them endlessly as a child, I found myself interacting with the MM line quite often as well.  A big part of it has to do with the size.  In a smaller area, I could re-create entire scenes from the Star Wars films, carry them around with me as I traveled in long car trips with my family, and generally have a lot of fun. 

Not to mention the wealth of sets and ‘expansions’ they released along with them, adding new characters, pulling even from the books and games.  This made it easier to create your own story and let your imagination run wild.  When reports about Hasbro bringing back the Micro Machines line for The Force Awakens first hit, I was ecstatic.  


In my years as an adult collector, I’ve capitalized on my early love of the MM line, and expanded it into a fairly sizeable amount.  The chance to add to it with NEW products was enticing.  When Force Friday rolled around, and the new line of Micro Machines were revealed, it was a good day.  So when I got my hands on this new First Order Star Destroyer set, I had to talk about it. 

This Star Destroyer isn’t the same size as the typical MM playsets (which typically come in a the shape of a character’s head, like the Stormtrooper), and is quite a bit larger.  This scale makes the Star Destroyer itself a little more impressive and reminded me of some of the vehicle based playsets from the past as well which is never a bad thing.   

When it’s all folded up, the playset looks like the new Star Destroyer from the film (which we’ve seen in the trailers and other marketing so far)...and it's a good mock-up of the ship.  As I said, it's pretty big, and is about the same size as the old Hasbro  Star Destroyer toy that came out in the 90s.  While that seems like a random comparison to make, what it means is that this Micro Machine playset works as a fun toy even without unfolding it.  


You can play with it as the ship that it looks like, and it holds together well enough to be able to do so.  The only downside I saw, is that opening up the flaps, things felt a little flimsy.  The ‘wings’ are easy to pop off and on, so there was one tense moment where I thought I’d broken the damn thing just after getting it out of the box! If you'd rather display it as a ship, or play around like you're flying about, hunting down the Resistance, you can do that as well.  It gives the playset some added value beyond its initial intent, which is always a bonus when it comes to toys. 

Once you open up the set, however, you get the full Micro Machine experience.  The playset unfolds to be essentially the hangar bay of the large ship, offering a rack for TIE fighters to hang out in, as well as larger open areas for your tiny figures to inhabit and play around in.  

The set comes with Kylo Ren and Finn figures, along with a TIE fighter and Resistance X-wing. Seems pretty light, but that's partly the point.  Micro Machines are always better when you add more to the bunch (and happily, I had some figure packs to go along with it).  The Destroyer playset is plenty big enough to add in more vehicles and characters without feeling too crowded, but helps make it feel like you're really in the Star Wars world. 


The attention to detail on the set is nice as well and comes with a multitude of stickers that you need to place through the ship.  while it's a little more "work" than I expected to put into the playset, getting all the stickers placed gives it a more authentic Star Wars feel to everything, making it great for playtime and display (for you older collectors that don't really play with them anymore).  It also comes with a nifty attachment that folds out (as part of a projectile "laser" cannon you can fire) which allows you to mount one of your spaceship vehicles to make it seem like it's flying. 

Some may joke about it, but the truth is, I’ve long since stopped PLAYING with my Star Wars toys.  Hell, most of them have never been out of the package, so it’s impossible even think about playing with them.  However, my boys absolutely love playing with the new Star Wars toys, so it’s exciting to be able to see them enjoy the same kind of toys I played with at their age.  


They got an absolute kick out of this Star Destroyer playset, and since opening it, have asked me when I’m getting more.  It’s great to see them have fun with it, especially when I bring out my older Micro Machines to join up with the new one as well.  It all meshes together nicely, and the new set fits in perfectly with the originals.  Hasbro definitely succeeded in recapturing the feel and magic that made the original Star Wars MM series so fun. 

For collectors, it’s a great looking display piece.  Whether it’s folded up or spread out into the playset, the First Order Star Destroyer looks sharp on the shelf.  It can sit easily with the rest of your collection, without looking out of place.  Regardless of the reason you’re buying it, whether for play or display, you’ll be pretty happy.  

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If you’re looking to recapture some of your childhood and bring home some cool new The Force Awakens toys, then the Star Destroyer Micro Machine playset is pretty perfect. It’s just like the Micro Machines of old, working well with the playsets you may still have, while adding in new stuff from the upcoming film. Whether you’re playing with your kids or opting to display it in your collection, Hasbro has done a solid job with this set.
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