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A Thrilling Han and Lando Adventure That Nails the Characters
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While the story wasn't as deep as I expected, the novel thrives on the strength of its characters. From the big screen heroes to the newcomers, all of their interactions were fun and engaging. The chemistry between everyone was palpable and I found myself turning the pages just to see what they would say/do next with one another. It's an impressive feat and one that gives the book a level of re-readability that many of the new canon novels (except Battlefront and Bloodline) have lacked.

It does a great job of tying in things from all the Star Wars media out there without beating you over the head with it, all the while making me more eager to check out more Han and Lando adventures with the upcoming film. It's a lot of fun and something that both new and old fans alike will enjoy reading. Don't sit this novel out, go and pick it up today.
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