Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2 + SuperAmp

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Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2 + SuperAmp


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The Turtle Beach® Elite Pro™ 2 + SuperAmp™ Pro Performance Gaming Audio System for PS4™ Pro & PS4™ and PC builds on the Elite Pro legacy through collaboration with leading esports teams including OpTic Gaming and Splyce to deliver the next generation of audio performance to today’s top players and hardcore gamers. The Elite Pro 2’s custom-tuned 50mm Nanoclear™ over-ear speakers deliver championship winning performance, while the noise-cancelling Pro Gaming Microphone with TruSpeak™ Technology provides crystal clear team chat. Revolutionary Aerofit™ Ear Cushions –deliver cooling comfort as well as passive noise isolation and deeper bass response. Connected to the groundbreaking Elite SuperAmp™, the Bluetooth-connected, app-controlled, audio-enhancing, amplified DTS:Headphone X surround sound-supporting gaming controller, this complete audio system offers the competitive advantage to dominate your games.

In today’s culture, athletes have a ton of input in how we act, how we perform, and what we wear.  That last one may be the most people identify with, hence why Nike, Puma, Adidas, Under Armour, and insert sports label here rush to sign the next big thing.  For the gaming world, we don’t have a LeBron or a JJ Watt to look to for the mouse we should use or the display we should save for.  No, we don’t have one singular entity to design a piece of tech for us. We have teams. That’s because in gaming, it’s premiere esports teams we look to to help us bypass the clutter to buying elite level gear.  With that being the case, several tech companies have partnered with different esports teams to rep their product, but it’s the most well-known headset brand, Turtle Beach, that has designed a headset in collaboration with the world’s most popular esports teams, Optic Gaming and Splyce, to create a headset so powerful, your gaming experience will never be the same.  This is the Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2 + SuperAmp. Fortunately, we were given the opportunity to put this headset through the paces, with rigorous tests, to find out just how unique it is. This is our review.

High-Caliber Headset To Send Your Game to Elite Status

From what we’ve come to understand about the company with the iconic palm tree logo, it’s that they’re all about the memorable experience.  Upon purchasing and opening the Elite Pro 2s, that experience starts before the headset ever envelopes your ears. The Elite Pro 2 box looks like your standard, everyday headset box.  However, when you remove the sleeve, pulling out the black box, you come to realize, it’s so much more. The sleek black box have the iconic upside-down triangle in silver emblazoned on the front.  When you open the side, you see the silver letters spelling “ELITE”, and somehow it makes you feel like it. Opening the box would normally reveal the headset, but with the Elite Pro 2s, Turtle Beach prepares you for the impending life-altering experience with a memorandum.

“This is Turtle Beach.  The pursuit of perfection drives us.  Here innovation is relentless, and cutting-edge is never enough.  Our quest for competitive advantages became the groundbreaking gaming headset that set the new standard for competitive performance, features and comfort.  This is the second coming. This is the evolution of innovation. This is the result of over a decade of championship winning performance. This is your next-generation gaming audio system.  Together We Are Elite.”

Well if that doesn’t give you goosebumps, you may need to check your pulse.  It’s definitely a message that toots their own horn. It doesn’t make the headset any better, but it is a fun, unique way to welcome the consumer.  Underneath the memo is the main event, all snug and cozy inside black foam. At first glance, you’ll notice no mics, wires or anything. Just a black headset with a metal frame and a strange dial in the middle. That’s because, unlike most headsets, the Elite Pro 2 requires some assembly, which fortunately Turtle Beach does leave detailed instructions for, something they aren’t known for doing consistently.  Underneath the foam resides the mic and an assortment of wires to get you started.

The headset itself has a tighter fit than the most recent Stealth series of products.  That’s because it utilizes a thicker, pillow-like material to cup the area around your ears.  It’s said that the Elite Pro 2 has the ProSpec technology, that is used to help gamers with glasses have a comfortable fit.  With the thick pads, you may not feel that. It may feel too tight. What you have to do, in this instance, is pull off the pad, (that’s right the pad comes off) turn the pad around and look for the belt.  Give the pad a nice squeeze to loosen the belt and pull the belt tighter until it’s the desired fit. After that, simply place it back on the headset ear and you’re good to go.

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I say good to go, but really there is a bit more work to do to get this headset connected.  The Elite Pro 2 headset is not a “Plug in your controller” or “Stick a USB drive in” and you’re good to go.  That strange dial in the middle is known as a “SuperAmp” and it’s the key to making the Elite Pro 2 work. In fact, this may be the most sophisticated piece of technology in our whole office.  

The SuperAmp has four connections to work properly.  Connection 1 is the Digital Out port at the back of the console.  Connection 2 powers the SuperAmp, via the USB port in the front of the console.  Connection 3 is the audio jack from the SuperAmp to the headset. Connection 4 is the Bluetooth connection to your phone.  Once all of that is connected, you have on your head one of the most powerful headset in the gaming world today.

How does a SuperAmp work?, you may ask.  It does quite a bit, actually. The SuperAmp is able to adjust the amount of audio you want to hear by simply turning the dial.  There is a light that will show you just how high of a volume you’re going up to. It’s more than just a nifty turn-dial, though.  The SuperAmp actually creates a richer audio experience. I removed it once, and plugged it into the controller, and the audio sounded grainy, by comparison, so it’s crucial that you always have it connected.  

The coolest thing the SuperAmp does, though, is that because it’s connected to your phone via Bluetooth, you can answer your phone, have a conversation through the Elite Pro 2s, watch videos and hear the audio through the headset, all while being in a party chat with friends.  You can still hear them, but they can’t hear you while you’re on the phone, which is really awesome. That being said, it’s ideal that you turn off your system when you’re done playing, otherwise, your phone will still be connected to the device.

One of the many reasons why the Elite Pro 2 requires a Bluetooth connection to your phone is because that’s actually how you control the various features it has.  By downloading the Turtle Beach app on the App Store or Google Play, the device instantly connects to your phone and that’s where you’re able to customize the gaming experience in the ways that Turtle Beach specializes in, Superhuman Hearing, Base & Treble Boost, etc.  You can also mute your mic or toggle which audio you want to hear more of, the party chat or the game itself. With all of these features and the mind-boggling clear and profound sound the Elite Pro 2s provide, Turtle Beach has made something extremely special and powerful.

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Wires, Wires, Wires

As strange as it may sound, the biggest knock on the Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2 + SuperAmp are the wires.  That may sound superfluous given the fact that it is a WIRED headset and clearly makes that statement on the box, but hear me out.  When you go to purchase a wired headset, the belief is that it’s simply going to go from headset to controller. At least, that would be conventional wisdom, especially when purchasing a consumer-grade headset.  However, this is an Elite headset and because it uses Dolby Digital quality sound, it needs wires to power that enriching sound.

The wires aren’t necessarily an issue for when you’re gaming, unless you have a 60lb dog trampling around the office, getting caught in the wires, like some of us.  It’s more of an issue when storing, because you’ve got wires in both the back and front of the system, so the wires can get cumbersome. Plus, the last thing you want to do is tangle all of these wires, otherwise the SuperAmp will go from happy blue to mad red, because you’ve unplugged something you weren’t supposed to.  

All of these wires make it feel like it’s a headset that isn’t meant for console, despite how right it sounds on it.  Instead, it feels as if it’s perfect on PC, because at least you can have most of the wires running behind the tower. That being said, it still has a place on console, you just have to take more time to store it properly and be willing to take the time to set it up each time.  I’d say that for PC too, because the Elite Pro 2 isn’t the type of headset you leave lying around on the floor, this hardware is a technological work of art and should be treated as such.

elitepro2 ps opticcourage

The Only Headset You’ll Ever Want to Wear

In my last Turtle Beach review, I talked about how the Stealth 600s were the best gaming headsets I’ve ever owned.  While I still love my Stealth 600s and all of my gaming buddies love them, as well, everything that made me fall in love with those is magnified 10-fold with the Elite Pro 2s.  The sound is just richer, the frame feels stronger, and the various features feel improved. With the Stealth series, the features were fine, but I couldn’t hear a difference at times.  With the Elite Pro 2s, every feature creates meaningful, noticeable change. That even includes the Superhuman Hearing. With the Stealth 600s, I couldn’t bear to listen to that feature, but it’s perfect on the Elite Pro 2.  It’s not blowing out your ear drums, it doesn’t feel like you’re in a hurricane, it works like it’s supposed to, by amplifying your surroundings to crit an oncoming opponent.

I spent several gaming sessions using and testing the Elite Pro 2, getting used to its sound.  To compare, I switched back to the Stealth 600s for a few sessions and it didn’t feel or sound the same.  I had grown accustomed to the pillow-y cushions and the Dolby sound that the experience felt a tad less than.  So, when the battery ran out, I hopped back onto the Elite Pro 2s and it felt like I was back home.

The Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2 + SuperAmp cost about $250 and require a certain amount of set up to use, they also involve an almost-unnecessary amount of wires, but they are the clearest, most powerful headset on the market today.  They make your gaming experience profoundly memorable, with a comfortable fit and sound that resonates. It’s the headset that the Esports Elites use and should be ones that the At-Home Elites turn to to up their game.

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An Elite Headset for Pros and Those Who Want to Feel Like Pros
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Power, durability, customization, and comfort those are the four things every esports player, aspiring esports player, esports fan, and average gamer want from a high quality headset. That's exactly what you get from the Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2 + SuperAmp headset. While the cords are a problem, to a certain extent, the quality and experience from using the Elite Pro 2s are well-worth a few lingering cords and the upkeep it requires to keep them from tangling or getting pulled. It's an incredible Headset. One that lives up to the name, Elite.
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