V-Moda Crossfade M-100 Headphones

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V-Moda Crossfade M-100 Headphones


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High-end headphones built to be durable and sound great for every day listeners to audio professionals. Accessories included in this review are the BoomPro mic for gaming and communication.

There’s a new gaming headset out there making waves in the V-MODA M-100 series.  I got the chance to check out the headphones to see what all the buzz is about, and am here to tell you my thoughts on it.  Come inside to see my full review!

M 100 screen shadow laying case

Design for Style and Use

These days, having a headset has become more and more of a necessity for me.  Whereas in the past, it was only something I used once in a blue moon, between the advances in gaming and things I have to do for work purposes...I’ve got to have one.  So over the last couple years I’ve used a couple different headsets that have been working for me just fine.  Then V-MODA was kind enough to send me a pair of the new Crossfade M-100 headphones they have (which is already Amazon’s highest rated headphone) to try out.  We’re talking about night and day differences here. 

I’m going to be entirely honest here, and say that I’ve never been so enraptured by headphones before.  For me, they’ve always just been a practical device there for a purpose, and nothing to really “ooh” and “aah” over.  V-MODA has changed that for me with this swanky new gear.  First of all, the M-100 headphones are very sleek looking.  

These look and feel like your high-end professional gear, featuring a padded steel-reinforced headband and durable faux leather ear-cushions.  The M-100 also has CliqFold metal hinges that allow the thing to fold up into a compact space (with an included case), giving the things a lot of portability.  On top of that, the ear cups have metal ‘shields’ on the outside that offer up a great deal of protection and durability for users, while looking cool.   

My favorite aspect about these headphones, however, (even though it’s not necessarily a new feature if you’re familiar with the series), is the cord that comes with it.  It’s a silly thing, but the cables are reinforced with kevlar, so they’re hard to snap or break, but are also incredibly flexible.  The cables feel more like you’re holding shoelaces than wires and it’s just wonderful.  I know it’s kind of weird to gush about, but it’s such a nice detail I can’t help but bring it up.  The kevlar, on top of being light, also helps keep the cables from tangling...ever.  I’ve been using the crap out of these headphones and haven’t had any issues with the cords being tangled; not even close. 

The M-100 comes packaged with a couple of cables.  One is a shorter cable that you’d use for your phone, or other smart device.  That cable as a simple in-line button and microphone built in.  The second cable is significantly longer, and is just a straight cable that you could use for whatever else, but also features a handy “shareplay” input so that a friend can plug their headphones in and listen along with you. 

You can plug the cables onto either side of the headphones you want.  Each ear cup has it’s own connector port, meaning you can go with whatever’s easier for you at the time.  Better yet, the headset comes with a cork plug that fits into whichever port you’re not using, keeping dust or anything else from getting in there.  It’s a small thing, but it shows the amount of detail V-MODA puts into the device. 

To go along with this line of thinking, the Crossfade M-100 set is ridiculously durable.  The thing has been tested to withstand impacts from falling at various heights multiple times, and you can even stretch out the steel headband flat, and it’ll pop right back to its original curve (though I wouldn’t want to do that too often).  I’ve been using it for both work and gaming purposes in a household with a total of three children.  Children who like to think my desk is theirs.  Needless to say, my M-100 has been put through some paces in the last couple weeks, and I’ve not noticed a thing wrong with them (cosmetically or otherwise).  These things are built tough and it shows.

M 100 screen boompro

How They Sound

Of course, you’re not buying new headphones for how durable they are, but based on how they sound.  In this regard, the M-100 is also standing above the crowd.  It features some serious bass to it, offering up deeper tones and dynamic sounds that make it feel like you’re sitting in a surround sound theater rather than listening to something on your computer (or whatever device).  

Even compared to their previous models, the M-100 brings more clarity and a richer sound to the table.  From watching movies, playing games, listening to music, or even in virtual meetings the sound quality remained constant and impressive.  I was editing a video the other day for the site, and noticed a slight thump sound over one of the tracks.  I swapped out the headset with an older one of mine to see if I could hear it again...and I couldn’t.  The thump was there, caused by someone bumping the mic, but I was only able to hear it clearly on the V-MODA headset.  

As someone who’s using this in both a professional and personal capacity for use, it’s hard to contend with this type of sound quality.  It’s not perfect, however, as V-MODA has tried it’s best to ride the middle ground for professionals and everyday consumers.  In this regard, the M-100 is a resounding success and comparable to just about anything else out there.  For people who work in the audio industry, however, you may want something else that captures finer details a little better.  Even so, it’s great and works exceedingly well. 

The quality continues on into the set’s optional BoomPro Mic.  It’s a separate cable that can connect to the headset allowing for better communication than the in-line mic on the standard cable.  This is ideal for gamers and broadcaster to use, and the capture quality is crisp.  I used it for recording some VO work on a video project, and the quality was top notch.  I couldn’t complain about it, and I haven’t had any issues when gaming with friends over it.  The mic itself is insanely flexible and durable like the rest of the headset, so I contend it’s well worth picking up to boot.  

M 100 screen 2 cases

Cool Details

On top of looking great and sounding great, there are some other neat little aspects about the Crossfade M-100.  

* If you don’t like the exterior metal covers on the ear cups, you can purchase custom laser-engraved ones to swap out with; letting you add your own style/flair to it.  But if you purchase the headphones through the site, they'll do it for FREE

* The M-100 comes with a two year warranty, BUT if your pair breaks after the warranty is up, V-MODA will sell you a new M-100 for half the price.  

* The aforementioned carrying case is sturdy and durable on it’s own, offering an ‘exoskeleton’ design to keep your headphones safe inside.  The case also has little straps inside to keep your cables tucked in nice and neatly. 

The other important factor when it comes to headphones, is how they feel.  The M-100 is pretty damn comfortable.  While I had to stretch out the headband a couple times to loosen up the pressure, overall they’re easy going on the head.  For all the parts going into them, they remain fairly light-weight which helps keep the pressure off while you’re using them.  Even for someone like me, who wears glasses constantly, I never noticed an issue with them pressing too hard on the frames and feeling uncomfortable.