Viotek GN32LD (Gaming Monitor)

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Viotek GN32LD (Gaming Monitor)


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No matter how heavy your content is, GN32LD gaming monitor delivers complete digital immersion and renders visually stunning images. with its 16.7 million colors and 5,000,000:1 DCR. By reducing tearing and ghosting, FreeSync™ and Overdrive ensure that each frame
remains intact and visually perfect.

Organize your ideal work or gaming station with the DVI, HDMI, and display ports. Equipped with an anti-glare screen and low blue light features, gamers are free to play from any angle or lighting, and grind for hours without stressful eye-strain.

Our latest tech review takes a look at one of the latest gaming monitors from Viotek, featuring both a curved screen and high refresh, the GN32LD absolutely delivers on all it promises. Come inside to watch the full review!

If you've been thinking of upgrading your gaming setup at home, or just adding another display to your current one, Viotek has a great line of monitors for you to choose from. I had the chance to check out the GN32LD (sadly there doesn't seem to be ANY cool names for gaming monitors), and it's absolutely gorgeous. 

There's a lot of technical specs being touted, but the bottom line is the GN32LD looks amazing. The colors are bright, allowing for deep blacks that brings a sharp and crisp image every time. The size brings a lot of details into focus and, like any display, offers a wealth of setting options to adjust it to your preferences. 

The anti-glare screen feature actually works and despite long hours of work and play, I didn't encounter any eye strain problems, nor headaches. This is especially great considering how BRIGHT the screen is. Even knocking it down to 50%, it's significantly brighter than most monitors out there. Still no problems with strain.

For even more technical details (or to snag your own), be sure to check out Viotek's official site to learn more, and discover other great products. 

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All in all, there's a lot to love about Viotek's 31.5 inch monitor. Working as both a computer monitor and standalone display (to plug in your consoles/anything else you can think of), you're guaranteed excellent picture quality no matter what you're doing. The red accents and LED lights on the back may seem flashy and won't be for everyone, but still makes for a sleek looking high-end monitor that comes in cheaper than its competitors.
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