Furry Vengeance

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He came. He saw. They conquered.
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An Oregon real estate developer, looking to expand into the surrounding wilderness, faces a new kind of protester as the local wildlife set aside their own differences and target him in order to keep their own homes from being disturbed.

Oregon real estate developer Dan Sanders (Brendan Frasier) has been successful in his career.  With a beautiful home, a wonderful family, a gorgeous car and all the trimmings, nothing has stood in his way.  Until now.  Set to clear out a large section of the surrounding woodlands to make way for a massive housing project, Dan encounters a new kind of protester attempting to thwart his expansion efforts.  Setting their sights on Dan, the local wildlife target him with incredible and ridiculous levels of mischief in order to preserve their own homes.  Facing a closing deadline and an unstoppably hysterical onslaught from the woodland creatures, can Dan set aside his desires for personal gain and see the bigger picture for the sake of the lives around him?

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