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BLU REVIEW: The Little Mermaid Diamond Edition (Vic’s review)

Cinelinx breaks down the best Blu-ray of the year thus far - Disney's The Little Mermaid 3D Diamond Edition!

Oz The Great and Powerful coming to Blu-ray/DVD June 11!

There's no place like home video: Oz The Great and Powerful Blu-ray and DVD details have been released!

BLU REVIEW: Wreck It Ralph 3D

Cinelinx drops a quarter on the new Wreck It Ralph 3D Blu-ray!

Rated: Dredd (2012)

 One-liners can make or break a movie. If they’re too predictable or obvious to the audience, they seem like lazy writing. If they’re on-cue and witty, they can make you smile when there’s not much to laugh about. Dredd is 2012’s best example of the latter. 

BLU REVIEW: Brave 3D Ultimate Collector’s Edition

The Movie Pool dares to watch the Brave 3D Ultimate Collector's Edition Blu-ray set!

BLU REVIEW: Disney’s Secret of the Wings 3D

The Movie Pool sniffs the pixie dust from the Secret of the Wings 3D Blu-ray!

BLU REVIEW: Bait 3D Blu-ray Review

The Movie Pool sinks its pearly whites into the cheesy goodness of the Bait 3D Blu-ray!

Glasses-Free 3D A Possibility for Commercial Theaters…May Even Be Cheaper

Despite how many people feel on the issue, it doesn't look like 3D movies are going away any time soon.  One of my key issues with the format (besides it not being used optimally) has to deal with the glasses you have to wear in order to watch.  I wear normal glasses (shocking this day and age, I know) so every 3D movie forces me to put glasses over my glasses, resulting in an awkward and often uncomfortable experience.  One research group thinks it can rectify that problem with glasses-free 3D display technology designed for commercial theaters.

Marvel Confirms That ‘The Avengers’ Will Be in 3D; Sets A...

Marvel reveals some new information about some of their future projects, including a (you guessed it) a 3D post conversion for The Avengers and a new release date for their all too mysterious project.  No information about the project, though.  Anyways, found out what Whedon has to say about the 3D conversion (and the date Marvel has claimed for their new picture) after the jump.

The Weekly Rhetoric: Will 3D Re-Releases Become the Next Hollywood Fad?

Hello and welcome to The Weekly Rhetoric, the one place on the internet where you'll find someone incoherently arguing a point with enough intensity to kill a baby lion cub!  Every week I'll take a subject, do the least amount of research I can, throw a couple paragraphs together in between episodes of Charles in Charge, and pass it off as real journalism!  For our sophomore showing, we'll pontificate the exact nature of re-releases.  Are they financially viable?  When did they become common, and what caused their downfall?  And, most important of all, could 3D become a selling point to get audiences back for another go around?

Skywalker A Family at War (Book Review)

The galaxy’s most influential family gets a historical account in the latest Star Wars book. Chronicling the Skywalker journey from Shmi to Rey, it’s...