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Confirmed: Eddie Murphy Will Yuck It Up At This Year’s Academy...

The 2011 Oscars just got a lot more interesting.  Not sure if it's funnier though; I'll get back to you on that.

Q&A with TRON Legacy VFX Supervisor Eric Barba

To celebrate the release of TRON Legacy on Blu-ray and DVD on April 5, The Movie Pool recently had the chance to sit in on Q&A sessions with the Oscar-winning minds behind the sensational visual effects in the film. The first is with TRON Legacy Visual Effects Supervisor Eric Barba of Digital Domain. Barba won an Academy Award (shown below) for his work on The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. It is one of many David Fincher-directed projects that Barba has worked on, including Zodiac and a number of his commercials. His other credits include The Fifth Element and Supernova.

Eric Barba wins an Oscar

TMP’s Oscar Wrap-Up

The Academy Awards are at last over.  Over the past week TMP has been providing you with coverage from the event with in depth analysis on the biggest nominees, a look at the myths and spectacle that surrounds the Oscars themselves, and of course feature a liveblog of the event.  Just in case you missed any of our great articles we've got them all listed here, including the full list of all the winners.

Know Your Oscar Films: The King’s Speech

King George VI consults the only man he can to solve his problem in Tom Hooper's historical drama.

Know Your Oscar Films: The Kids Are All Right

Children born to a lesbian couple encounter their sperm donor in the indie comedy from Lisa Cholodenko.

Know Your Oscar Films: Inception

A mind boggling trip through the path of a dream from the eyes of Christopher Nolan.

TMP Liveblogs: The 2011 Academy Awards

The Academy Awards have been called the biggest night in Hollywood for 86 years.  But honestly, it's not because of the awards; it's because of the celebrities.  Seeing Christopher Nolan in the same room as David Fincher is always a treat, even without the alcohol of the Golden Globes.  A bunch of celebrities giving awards to each other well simultaneously trying to outdo each other is always worth a little entertainment.  And some people get little prizes to.  I've made it a tradition for the last two years to watch the Oscars and, at the same time, deliver a bunch of non sensical tweets about everything going on.  This is an act called "livetweeting."  But this year, I decided to force this opon all you TMP readers.  This is called a "liveblog."  You're welcome.  Anyways, join me Sunday night at 6 PM EST/4 PM PST for the beginning of the festivities (a.k.a the crappy Red Carpet ceremony).  See you then!

Predicting the 83rd Annual Academy Awards Nomiations – Part 1

Tis the season to give people tiny gold statues.  Whether you have realized it or not, Oscar season is upon us all.  It's one of the biggest events in the movie industry because, regardless of the worth that these trophies have on swaying the average moviegoer to watch a film, it certainly does wonders to ones resume.  So stand up and prepare your acceptance speech; we're going on a journey.  We will explore the best and brightest that this year had to offer, from Oscar bait to crowdpleasing blockbusters, we got em' all.  And, if we're lucky, we may just be able pluck up the noble few who will be lucky enough to grace the historic Kodak Theater.  From Best Picture to Best SFX, we're running down who we think may find themselves with Oscar gold come February 27.  Without furthur ado, here's TMP's predictions of the 83rd Annual Academy Award nominees and winners!

Awards Watch: James Franco and Anne Hathaway double teaming the 83rd...

A press release by the Motion Picture Academy of Arts and Sciences (via Deadline) confirmed that Anne Hathaway and James Franco are set to host this years Oscar ceremony.  This will be perfect, because last years pairing of Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin did so well, right?  RIGHT?  Regardless, continue on after the break to find out why this might be one of the most awkward Oscar telecasts in history.  And I assure you, it will be.

Focal Point: Ultra HD Snobbery

Some betrayals are hard to forgive in this week's edition of the Focal Point webcomic! There is absolutely no denying that I'm a "snob"...