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Bif Bang Pow Toys Immortalizes KISS As 3 3/4-Inch Action Figures

Toymaker Bif Bang Pow is bringing the first ever 3 3/4-inch KISS action figures to life. The Rock ‘N Roll super heroes will join the ranks of thousands of comic book and movie characters who’ve been preserved in the classic plastic form. Star Wars and Kenner made the size and style the norm in 1978.

Interview: Bassist / Vocalist Chris Wyse of Ace Frehley’s Band

Legendary KISS Spaceman Ace Frehley lands in Dallas, TX on December 1st. The Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame Inductee will be taking the stage at Trees for what will surely be an electrifying experience. His performance includes KISS classics, solo material from a four decades long career, and songs from his latest album Space Invader.

Music Review: Ace Frehley – Space Invader

Many will find it up for dispute, but I believe a review of legendary rock musician Ace Frehley’s newest album Space Invader fits in perfectly here. The former KISS guitarist made a name for himself onstage as he stalked around in his interstellar costume while his instrument smoked and he fired off rockets into the sky as strobe lights flashed and flames jumped around him. His Spaceman persona grew to even more epic proportions in a sci-fi fantasy movie, video games, and through the pages of Marvel Comics and other publications. The larger-than-life cosmic super hero delivered humanity from the clutches of evil just like the Avengers, Justice League, or Fantastic Four.  

KISS 40 Revels in Four Decades of Glamour, Glitz, and Gore

2014 is a landmark year for the Hottest Band in the World. KISS started the year off by being inducted into the Rock 'N' Roll Hall of Fame and announcing a tour that will take them across the United States. Not a bad way to kick off the celebration of forty years of makeup, mayhem, and magic. The group now releases a new compilation album featuring one song off of every studio, compilation, and live album. They top it off with a few commercially unreleased tracks that will get their army even more heated up and ready to party with the band in a concert venue somewhere.

KISS Appears on TV for the First Time 40 Years Ago

While celebrating the debut of KISS's Self-titled album is definitely important, we can't forget an event that gave millions of Americans their first glimpse of the band's unique style and strutting charisma they've become known for over the past forty years. The super group made their first national live appearance for ABC's "In Concert" on March 29th, 1974. The lives of millions of people were about to be forever impacted by a raw rock'n'roll beast.

Hot Toys Dark Trooper Figure From The Mandalorian Revealed

The fine people over at Sideshow/Hot Toys have revealed the latest The Mandalorian inspired figure coming for your wallet: the Dark Trooper! If you...