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Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Has Zombies… Without Season Pass

Earlier we reported GameStop had spoiled the fact zombies will be coming to Call of Duty Advanced Warfare, but it required a season pass. Well it turns out half of that is true, the other half isn't. If you don't mind us spoiling a surprise, come read on!

Zombies Are Coming To Call of Duty : Advanced Warfare With...

If you heard the rumors of zombies making a return, well you might want to listen! The zombies are coming back to Call of Duty, but you may need a special pass to get to them.

Wal-Mart Hosting Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Event Starting Sunday

You may be familiar with the "Day Zero Edition" of the upcoming Call of Duty allowing you to play a day early, but Wal-Mart has something a little extra.

WWE 2K15’s Story Mode Brings Back Old Rivalries

Last week brought our first look at WWE 2K15 and details on the collector's edition of the upcoming wrestling game.  Today, 2K has revealed details on the single-player story mode of the game, which will bring back some classic/fan-favorite rivalries for gamer's to play through.  

Sierra Entertainment Being Reborn, Could It Mean Crash Bandicoot?

Activision is bringing a long lost brand with them to GamesCom, but we have to question why? 

Platinum Games set to release Legend of Korra Game

Fans of The Legand Of Korra will finally get the chance to play out one of her stand-alone adventures thanks to Activision and Platinum Games.

Gearbox Reveals the Next Standalone Borderlands Game Coming this Fall

Fans of Borderlands have been anxiously awaiting any new regarding the next game in the franchise.  We've seen lots of DLC content for Borderlands 2 and even have a game coming from Telltale games (Tales From the Borderlands) but word of a new standalone title has been absent...until today.  Gearbox and 2K this morning dropped the first details on Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, set between the two numbered games that will be releasing this Fall.  Come inside to check out the first screenshots and video!

Rise of the Dark Spark Wants to Connect the Transformers Movies...

Activision has made a pair of really awesome Transformers games in War for Cybertron and Fall of Cybertron; they were fun action games that did a pretty good job with the Transformers lore.  Now, the company wants to take the continuity of those games and try to sync them up with the Michael Bay movies in some way with a brand new game, Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark.  Come inside to check out the announcement trailer and some screenshots!

Spidey Learns from Kraven in New Trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man...

Activision and Beenox have released a brand new trailer (featuring plenty of gameplay footage this time around) for their upcoming video game tie-in to The Amazing Spider-Man 2.  Curiously enough it features a voice over from Kraven the Hunter as he's seemingly teaching Spider-Man how to do things.  Come inside to check out the trailer plus new images from the game!

Activision Officially Announces Call of Duty: Ghosts for November

Try not to be too surprised by the announcement that Activision is releasing a new Call of Duty game, and is once again set for a November release.  Rumored for the last week or so, the game company has dropped the veil and has officially announced the next iteration in the shooting franchise, Call of Duty: Ghosts.  Come inside for all the details.

Star Wars: Victory’s Price – An Alphabet Squadron Novel Has A...

Today we got our first look at the cover for "Star Wars: Victory's Price", the epic conclusion to the Star Wars: Alphabet Squadron trilogy! Looks...