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New Images for Amazon’s The Tick Series

So we saw a teaser image a few weeks ago of the new Amazon series The Tick. Now we’ve got a lot of images for the upcoming series. So check out Peter Serafinowicz (Guardians of the Galaxy) as the title role. Now the suit turned me off at first but so long as the character is upheld I’m willing to give it a chance. But also we get Griffin Newman as Arthur, Jackie Earl Haley as The Terror, Brendan Hines as Superion, Whoopi Goldberg as, well apparently Whoopi. Jackie Earl Haley is going to be a huge draw as one of my favorite villains from the series. Creator Ben Edlund is going to be a writer for the series which instills a lot of confidence from me. Look for this new series to debut August 19th on Amazon.

Amazon Expands Their Alexa Family with the Echo Dot and Amazon...

Amazon is continuing their delving into original products for consumers with the unveiling of a new Echo device (a smaller scale one) and a portable speaker specifically for music lovers.  Come inside to learn more about them!  

Amazon Prime Members Getting Discount for New Video Game Releases

Amazon Prime has announced that Prime members will now get a nice discount toward all newly released video games!  Find out more below!

True or False? Amazon Japan Reveals Final Fantasy XV Release Date

There are rumors that Amazon Japan may have given us something that Square Enix wouldn't, a release date for Final Fantasy XV!  Is it true though?  Find out when they say the next installment of the Final Fantasy franchise will debut.

Amazon Echo Finally Coming to Retailers

Amazon is reaching out to give even more people the chance to enjoy their voice-controlled Echo device, but putting it up for sale with retailers (instead of being online only), just in time for the holidays.  Come inside to learn more!

Amazon Reveals a Slew New Fire TV and Tablets

Amazon's line-up of tablets and box-top streaming options are expanding, as they've revealed TWO new versions they'll be selling for the Fire TV, and new tablets (one INCREDIBLY affordable) for people to enjoy.  Come inside to learn all about their new devices.

Amazon’s Echo Now Available For Everyone

Amazon's nifty home device, Echo, was previously only available for purchase by invitation, but now they've opened it up for everyone to get in on the action!  Come inside to learn more and see when it'll start shipping out.  

Amazon May Buy RadioShack Locations To Open Retail Stores

GameStop may want to be on the lookout as another retailer could be opening up shop next to them, and you probably already have something ordered from them. Amazon may be heading to empty retail locations near you!

Make Holiday Shopping Easier By Winning Amazon & Best Buy Gift...

This month we want to make your Holiday shopping just a little bit easier by offering up some amazing weekly prizes in the form of giftcards to our loyal readers, on top of some impressive grand prizes for the end of the month!  Come inside to find out more and learn how to enter into our BIG November contest. Update: View our list of weekly winners at the end of this article

Cinelinx – The Card Game for Movie Lovers is Available Now!

The Card Game for movie lovers is finally ready to release to the general public, having already shipped the rewards to our many generous KickStarter backers.  If you weren’t among them, you’re chance to play the game is now.  

Focal Point: Ultra HD Snobbery

Some betrayals are hard to forgive in this week's edition of the Focal Point webcomic! There is absolutely no denying that I'm a "snob"...