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[UPDATE] Is Patrick Warburton Reprising His Role as the TICK?

A rumor started speading that Patrick Warburton may be coming back to the Cathode Ray Tubes of our hearts!

[Update: It’s Official] Amazon To Buy Twitch Instead of Google

Since our intial report on this development, Twitch as a company has issued a press release that now confirms they've been bought by Amazon.  You can read the full press release inside!

Amazon Fighting With Book Publishers Should Set An Example For Games

If you are not a book buyer at Amazon you may not know that Amazon is currently going through a fight with publishers. It has been happening on and off with them for a while, but just recently Amazon took some big steps. One of those steps was to email all their users that prices are just ludicrous for being ebooks and they want something done. In return publishers have been firing back stating it is unfair, yatta yatta. Well as a consumer, we fight with Amazon, and here is why. 


TMNT Mobile Game Released

There is a brand new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game out and you can take it wherever you want.  Come inside to check out the brand new game based off the all new movie Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Tech Talk: Make Room for the Amazon Fire TV (Review)

One of the worst kept secrets in the tech world, was that Amazon was developing their own home box top.  While rumors persisted that it would be a gaming console (the leak of a game controller certainly made it seem that way), what we got was the Amazon Fire TV.  It's a media device capable of playing some games, but it's real purpose is to change the way you watch shows and movies at home.  I've been lucky enough to get my hands on the new device and am happy to share my thoughts on it.

Cinelinx Roundtable: What Do You Think Of Amazon Fire TV

Amazon just announced they are entering the TV box industry with the new Amazon Fire TV. The device will play games, stream movies, and of course intertwine with Amazon Prime. With the announcement, a lot of people assumed it was a video game console. While a controller is for sale to function with it, Amazon noted that it clearly is something more than that. What do we think of the general idea? Well glad you asked as we created a roundtable to answer just that.

Is This Amazon’s Game Controller?

Rumors about Amazon developing their own video game console have been swirling about since Summer of last year, rumors which have only increased since they bought up game developer Double Helix just last month.  While Amazon still hasn't made any official announcements (still denying it in fact), but today some leaked images have hit the net showing woulc could potentially be their system's controller.

Amazon Making a Console Could Saturate The Market

I’m personally a console gamer. I prefer consoles after years of PC gaming, but I try to respect both sides. The trouble is that many people push gaming issues onto console players. Lack of indie games, graphics, etc… which could be true, but the truth is, what is better than a machine mostly dedicated to gaming? Nothing.

$25 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway!

Have you entered our big April contest to win Marvel's Cinematic Phase 1 blu-ray collector's set and still want more free stuff?  Well then, never one to disappoint our members, we're here to giveaway a $25 Amazon gift card as well.  Come inside for all the details!

Focal Point: Ultra HD Snobbery

Some betrayals are hard to forgive in this week's edition of the Focal Point webcomic! There is absolutely no denying that I'm a "snob"...