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From Up On Poppy Hill: a Gentle Gem from Japan


The latest anime import from the talented team at Japan’s Studio Ghibli is a sweet, sentimental and beautifully animated coming-of-age story, set at a time when a whole country was trying to find its identity. Written by the legendary Hayao Miyazaki, From Up on Poppy Hill is a charming bit of nostalgia that should appeal to the little folks, too. It’s not among the best works of Studio Ghibli but it is a fine family film.


Warner Bros. Picks a Director for Robotech Adaptation

The idea of a live-action adaptation for the popular anime, Robotech, has been floating around for quite some time.  It's gone through a fair share of writers, but now it looks as if Warner Bros. is ready to get serious with the project, as they've seemingly chosen a director for the project. 

Will the Akira Live Action Film Ever Happen?

The 1988 anime film Akira is one of the most talked about and influential animated films ever to come out of the Japanese film industry.  For almost two decades there have been discussions about adapting the film into a live-action epic, all of which have been aborted.  Why can’t Hollywood manage to get this done? Is the movie unfilmable or is this just a case of the big movie studios being unwilling to take a risk?


The Secret World of Arrietty Blu-ray Review

The Movie Pool borrows The Secret World of Arrietty Blu-ray to review!

Channel Control: Toonami is Coming Back!

What was once only a cruel April Fools' Day joke when Cartoon Network aired an old programming block, is now coming back for real...Toonami will finally return to Cartoon Network. 

Garth Davis To Direct New Tron Movie

It's good news for Programs as Justin Kroll over at Deadline is reporting that Garth Davis, director of "Lion", will helm Disney's new "Tron"...