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The Game Awards 2016 Announced Along With Streaming Details

The Game Awards (once known as the VGAs) are making a return this year in order to highlight the year's best games, industry accomplishments, and tease some of the upcoming titles.  Come inside to find out when the event is taking place this year, and how to watch!  

Baby Bump Luck, 6 Degrees of Tom Cruise and Oscar Curses

Awards season is always exciting, but nothing compares to the frenzy that is the Oscars. The Oscars is a celebrity mecca where stars schmooze and primp and bling to the nines. It’s an event where stars usually compete in a good natured fashion to win Oscar gold while trying to eclipse one another, all the while smiling through teeth bleached so white one needs sunglasses to obscure the glare. There’s also a lot of Oscar myths and superstition aplenty.  

Through the buzz, avid viewers will hear entertainment correspondents gush over baby bumps and speculate about the mythical luck having a baby on board can bring. Next, murmurs of the two pronged Dreaded Oscar Curse begin to stir soon after the Academy rolls up the Red Carpet. The first myth is the one that supposedly befalls actresses who win an Oscar at the pinnacle of their careers only to lose their love life. The second and the most fearsome Oscar fable is flunking after winning an Oscar. Was winning that first Oscar a fluke? is the inevitable question rolling off wagging tongues if an Oscar winner’s next role is less than Oscar worthy. And then there is my theorization over the uncanny phenomena I like to call 6 Degrees of Tom Cruise. What’s that you say? It’s my examination of the serendipitous link between the bizarre occurrences of actresses who have been Tom Cruise’s sweethearts and the fact that they seem to go on to win a golden statue on Oscar night. One thing’s for sure, it just wouldn’t be Oscar if some curioser and curioser things weren’t going on.

Know Your Oscar Films: 127 Hours

James Franco is stuck between a rock and a hard place in this harrowing true story of survival and determination.

68th Annual Golden Globe Winners

Here is a complete list of the 68th annual Golden Globe winners from last night's awards event. Some of the winners were expected to win and there were also some surprise winners. The Social Network was the big winner of the night, while Glee was also an obvious favorite, taking home several Globes.

Golden Globes: Who Will Walk Away A Best Dramatic Actress Winner?

The Golden Globes are right around the corner which means awards season will be in full swing over the weeks to come. During every award season, certain actors are singled out for adulation and accolade, and this year is no different. The actresses which are nominated in the Best Actress in a Drama Golden Globe category are very different from one another; but even so, they all share one attribute excellence in their craft. Yet only one will walk away a winner. Who shall it be?

Is Natalie Portman Oscar Worthy?

With the Golden Globes right around the corner, there is a lot of talk about Natalie Portman and her performance in Black Swan. Her film is up for 4 Golden Globe nominations, and the talented actress herself is up for a best actress nomination. There is much speculation that she may win a Globe, and since the Globes can sometimes act as a precursor for an Oscar win, the industry is a buzz with talk and anticipation that she just may walk away an Oscar winner as well. Oscar noms have yet to be announced, but with nominations already made for Golden Globes I am wondering, is Natalie Portman the best working actress of today? Is Natalie Portman Oscar worthy?

Awards Watch: James Franco and Anne Hathaway double teaming the 83rd...

A press release by the Motion Picture Academy of Arts and Sciences (via Deadline) confirmed that Anne Hathaway and James Franco are set to host this years Oscar ceremony.  This will be perfect, because last years pairing of Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin did so well, right?  RIGHT?  Regardless, continue on after the break to find out why this might be one of the most awkward Oscar telecasts in history.  And I assure you, it will be.

EPOS Reveals New Gaming Specific Wireless Earbuds

Today EPOS has revealed their first new audio device since splintering from Sennheiser with the GTW 270 wireless earbuds for gaming. If you're looking...