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Zack Snyder Teases a Look at the New Batmobile, Promising More...

Well folks, we're getting close.  Filming for Batman vs. Superman is set to begin very soon and now the director himself has posted a tease from the set of the film, giving us a glimpse at the all new Batmobile and hinting that more will be shown tomorrow.  Come inside to check it out!

Hold Your Horses: Don’t Forget Everyone Hated Joss Whedon Too

Comic book film nerds are a fickle bunch, and oftentimes it seems like nothing pleases us.  Just about every decision we hear from Hollywood regarding our favorite and beloved properties is wrong and we know better.  While some instances have proven this to be true, there have also been many times fanboys have had to eat some serious crow.  With fan reaction over Zack Snyder's recent confirmation on directing Justice League, I decided to pull together some of the things people were saying back when Joss Whedon was originally announced as the director for The Avengers just to show why it's important to "wait and see" rather than judge right off the bat!

Cyborg Cast in Batman vs. Superman Film

With all the bad press looming over the new Batman vs. Superman film Warner Brothers has managed to locate a cast member to don the wires and circuits of the one of the most loved characters from the Teen Titan franchise, Cyborg…that is, according to Variety.

Hans Zimmer Says He’s Scoring Batman vs. Superman

Hans Zimmer is a pretty hot commodity right now in terms of musical composition, being attached to a number of high profile film projects; most recently The Amazing Spider-Man 2.  He's behind all of Christopher Nolan's Batman films, and Zack Snyder's Man of Steel, so many assumed he'd be returning to score Batman vs. Superman.  In a recent interview, Zimmer all but confirms he's returning and expresses his fears about coming up with a new theme for the caped crusader.  

Callan Mulvey, Tao Okamoto, & Holly Hunter Join the Cast of...

With filming for Zack Snyder's follow-up to Man of Steel set to being very soon, casting for the movie has obviously been stepped up.  Just now, Warner Bros. issued a press release announcing that three new actors have been cast in the movie for various roles.  Come inside to check out all the details!  

Ant-Man Takes Over Batman vs Superman’s 2015 Release Slot

When Warner Bros. announced that Batman vs. Superman would be moved out of 2015, it was sure to shake things up.  Considering how big the film was expected to be at the box office, other studios were wary to release anything beside it.  Now that it's moved to 2016 it was only a matter of time before something took it's place.  Marvel got there first, and decided to once again move Ant-Man's release date forward!

Gal Gadot has Signed a 3-Picture Deal for Wonder Woman

These days, in the era of franchises and continuity, movie studios are quick to try and lock down actors for multi-picture deals.  This ensures that fans can see the same person portraying the same character over many movies and, they don't have to worry about skyrocketing costs.  It's becoming common practice so it should come as no suprise that Warner Bros. has done the same with Gal Gadot for Wonder Woman.  Come inside to see what she said about her deal, plus when production begins on Batman vs. Superman!

The Sorrow! Batman vs. Superman gets Delayed to 2016

Well folks, the Summer of 2015 just got a little bit smaller, and no longer can fanboys look forward to seeing both the Avengers and DC's greatest heroes on the big screen within the same year.  Warner Bros. has officially delayed Batman vs. Superman until 2016, nearly a full year.  Come inside for the press release and explanation!

Is Warner Bros. Shooting Batman/Superman and Justice League Back-to-Back?

Today has certainly been a day filled with news and rumors, and this one may be the biggest if it turns out to be true.  Rumors about various members of the Justice League being cast for Batman vs. Superman have been swirling for quite some time and keep on coming, which has had some fans worried about overcrowding.  A new report, however, may explain why that casting is happening, claiming that WB is planning on filming Justice League back to back with the Man of Steel sequel in order to release it in 2016.  Come inside for the full report and my thoughts!

Warner Bros. Wants Joaquin Phoenix for Lex Luthor in Batman vs....

With the highly anticipated Man of Steel sequel, Batman Vs. Superman, set to begin filming in the next few months, Warner Bros' casting has been in high gear.  While they've officially cast Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, other roles have been mostly left up to speculation and rumors.  Today's report is that the studios are courting Joaquin Phoenix to play the primary villain in the film, thought to possibly be Lex Luthor.  Come inside for the full report. 

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