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Gone and Definitely Forgotten: 15 Films You Probably Forgot Came Out...

Wow, we're already a month into 2012. Can you believe it? Hell, it seems like yesterday when we were looking forward to the New Year. Now, we're already 1/12 of the way done with it!  Despite how fast it feels at the current moment, years are actually pretty damn long.  Because of this, it's pretty easy to forgot about mediocre films.  A year after the fact, I always gawk in amazement that certain films came out the year previously.  It seemed like such a long time ago, yet it's only been twelve months.  Below is fifteen of these films, the unsung losers of 2011.  They may not be bad...but they are certainly forgetable.  

Box Office Top 10 March 11-13: Battle Wins the War

Battle: Los Angeles breathed new life into the alien invasion genre as it topped the box office for the weekend ending March 11-13, 2011. Other new films that opened over the weekend did not fare as well; Red Riding Hood got lost in the cinematic forest and Mars Needs Moms bombed.

TMP Reviews: Battle Los Angeles

We here at TMP have been looking forward to Battle: Los Angeles for months.  We raved about the first teaser trailer, and loved the theatrical one.  We were thrilled about a new clip this week, and were even able to snag an interview with one of the stars.  Obviously this is a film we've been anticipating.  But now that the film has graced theater screens nationwide, does it live up to our lofty expectations, or was the film doomed to disappoint from the start?

TMP Interviews: Corey Hardrict of Battle Los Angeles

Corey Hardrict is definitely a rising star. You’ve seen his face for years and I’m guessing that in only a couple more he may just be a household name. I recently interviewed him and it was refreshing to meet someone who is as enthusiastic and appreciative as he is for all of the opportunities he’s been given.

Battle: Los Angeles is loosely based on a true occurrence from February 1942, I’ll leave you to the joy of Google for further details. The movie revolves around a marine platoon’s battle against an Alien invasion taking place in Los Angeles. I’ll throw in a trailer below but I can save you the time: It looks great – watch it.

Can we expect a ‘Super 8’ trailer on March 11?

I thank god everyday that the Internet existed.  Without it, I would have to actually examine every single bit of information that comes out of Super 8.  Every picture, every video, every interview...everything would be a clue.  But with the Internet, I can just sit back, relax, and wait for my fellow movie geeks to find stuff out for me.  But does a recent shot disected from the Super Bowl spot indicate a possible trailer premiere date?

New ‘Battle: Los Angeles’ trailer promises even more crazy action

When the Battle: Los Angeles teaser trailer came out about four months ago, I was floored.  It made this tired genre look fresh and new, unlike some other films that came out last year.  The cutting was great, and the music really added to the effects of the trailer.  If I was to grade the trailer, it would be a 10.  But the third trailer just came out for Battle: Los Angeles...and this one goes to 11.  Check it out after the jump.

‘Battle: Los Angeles’ trailer curb-stomps ‘Skyline’ to the ground

Bravo, Sony. The exact day that the Universal alien movie Skyline opens in theaters, you release the trailer for your alien movie of similar plot, Battle: Los Angeles. Not to shabby, especially since the two films have been in a legal grudge match for a long time. But well the legal proceedings are still in full swing, it seems the battle of quality is all but complete. Because in one two minute trailer, this movie already has me sold, which is more then what I could say for Skyline. Check out the trailer after the break.

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