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Ranked: Top Ten Things That Could Be A Movie

It is apparently acceptable these days for movies to be made from just about any basic concept. Toys, comic books, preteen novels – twenty years ago this would be called lazy writing. Today, it’s big business. Here is my list of the top ten things that may be worthwhile to see transformed into movies. Feel free to add your own - or roll your eyes. 

Blu-ray Review: Battleship

2012 already racked up a few blockbuster box office disasters. Many times the failure to bring in the audiences and money studios expected is warranted. Other times it's a lack of promotion and unexpected disinterest in the project. One of the films I was hard on before I saw it was Battleship. I'm glad I got another chance to see it on Blu-ray now that it's coming out through Universal Studios Home Entertainment. 

DVD Review: American Warships

Piggybacking off the domestic box office disaster Battleship as much as they can, The Asylum released their low-budget knock-off entitled American Warships. Leave it to these mockbuster makers to swoop in on the dead carcass and pick off all the flesh left on the bone after the brutal slaying it suffered. The original title of the film was American Battleship until Universal Pictures intervened demanding a name-change among other things. The Asylum did what they had to do to get the finished product released and told the studio they "appreciate the publicity."

TMP’s Summer 2012 Movie Guide: May

Honestly, if I was forced to judge Summer 2012 at first glance, I would say it was pretty weak.  Compared to 2011 and 2010, there's just not as many movies to look forward to.  While it seems easy to write off this Summer as a dud, I have three reasons why it might actually be awesome; The Dark Knight Rises, The Avengers, and Prometheus.  Honestly, that's all Summer 2012 needs in order to be one for the history books.  Even then, there's still more than enough films to warrant your attention this summer.  To help you sort through them all, we've once again compiled all the most interesting films of the season into four easy to read, informative guides.  For the next four days, we'll take you on a journey through the best cinema has to offer in Summer 2012.  Welcome to our Summer 2012 Movie Guide!  Here's Part One, focusing entirely on the month of May.  Enjoy!

Watch the Extended Super Bowl Commercials for Avengers, Battleship, & John...

 Let's face it...movie commercials during the Super Bowl are just a big tease.  They're only 30 seconds long and for fans who are eager for footage that's just not enough.  Fortunately, studios understand this and shortly after they air on TV, they release extended versions to sate your appetite...

TMP’s Prelude to 2012—Part 3: The Avengers, Battleship, Prometheus, G.I. Joe:...

Summer 2012 is nowhere near as massive as Summer 2011.  But you know, that may be a blessing in disguise.  Summer 2012 still has more than its fair share of films to look forward to, and the big ones are especially noteworthy.  How can a summer with The Avengers, Prometheus, and The Dark Knight Rises POSSIBLY go wrong?  Well, it can't.  So, even though Summer 2012 isn't as over-packed as Summer 2011 one, there's still plenty for film fans to salivate over.  So without further ado, let's get started!  Part Three of TMP's Prelude to 2012 begins right now!

New ‘Battleship’ Trailer Makes You Think Transformers 4 is Already Here

Today we have been given our second look at the upcoming film Battleship.  The first trailer established the characters (Brooklyn Decker....and some other people) and showed only a wee bit of the “aliens”.  The new trailer focuses on mainly on the action, which, since Battleship is a Hasbro product, has to look almost identical to fellow Hasbro alumni Transformers.  Well, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

First Trailer For ‘Battleship’ Misses the Mark

The first trailer for the big budget alien invasion flick that's loosely based on the board game Battleship has landed...Sadly, this feels like a movie we've already seen.

Rihanna confirmed for ‘Battleship’

Yet another singer is going to try and burst onto the acting scene, with the board game adaptation.

Skywalker A Family at War (Book Review)

The galaxy’s most influential family gets a historical account in the latest Star Wars book. Chronicling the Skywalker journey from Shmi to Rey, it’s...