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Newly Announced Bioshock Infinite Lets you Play as Elizabeth…in Rapture

Today brought word to eager fans of the DLC for Bioshock Infinite.  The first one,  which puts the emphasis squarely on combat is available now, and the second (and third technically) is a story-based adventure that puts you in the shoes of Elizabeth all the way down in Rapture...Come inside to read all the info, see new stills, and the trailers for each of these DLCs. 

BioShock Infinite ‘Lamb of Columbia’ Trailer Revealed

Irrational Games has revealed the latest BioShock Infinite trailer titled 'Lamb of Columbia'.

Build the Iconic NES Console in LEGO’s New Set

Video Game fans, collectors, and LEGO lovers have something new to look forward to with an impressively detailed NES building set! This morning LEGO...