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Are Theater Audiences Finally Getting Sick of Sequels?

Is (lack of) audience turnout at theaters this summer an indication that people have become fed up with the massive amount of sequels pouring out of Hollywood? We compare box office results and popular trends regarding some of this year’s biggest films to find out what could be happening. 

King Kong or Star Wars: Which is the Father of the...

 In his book ‘The Great Movies: Volume 2’, Roger Ebert wrote that “King Kong is the father of Jurassic Park, the Alien movies, and countless other stories where the heroes are terrified by skillful special effects”.  In volume 1, he wrote that “Star Wars was a technological watershed that influenced many of the movies that came after.” In this article, Cinelinx looks at an 82 year old monster movie and a 38 year old space opera, in order to determine which is the seminal film in the evolution of movies in regard to setting the path for the modern era.

Ranked: Every Summer Movie Season Since 1980 – Part 2

We’ve reviewed every summer movie season since 1980 to find out which are the best, and which are the worst. Last week we posted our picks for the worst, and here we post our picks for the best. 

Ranked: Every Summer Movie Season Since 1980 – Part 1

Summer movie season is a magic time of year when Hollywood traditionally rolls out its most appealing merchandise. It’s true that some summer movie seasons are better than others. This is our ranking of all the summer movie seasons since 1980 from worst to best. 

RIP: Blockbuster Throws in the Towel and Will Shut Down all...

Well folks, they struggled and held in there for as long as they could, but in the onslaught of the digital era the original vidoe rental service Blockbuster has decided to call it quits.  While the company shut down several of it's stores previously and started relying more heavily on their mail-in service, the jig is up.  Blockbuster announced today they're closing all remaining stores and cancelling their mailing program.  Come inside for all the details!

The Biz: Bankruptcy Proceedings For Blockbuster UK

The UK arm of video and game rental chain Blockbuster has filed for administration putting 4,190 jobs at risk.

Will Blockbuster claim bankruptcy?

Blockbuster Inc. has been fighting major loss in its movie rentals for quite some time. The battle could very well come to an...

Ghost of Tsushima is the Best Game on PS4 and S0lebs...

Welcome to the 2nd Opinion Podcast! In this episode, we talk about my early impressions of Crash Bandicoot 4, Call of Duty Black Ops...