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Check Out the New Trailer for ‘Star Wars: The Complete Saga’...

Wow, two Star Wars related news stories in one day!  That's to much for the geek o'sphere to handle, me thinks.  Anywho, for the latest on the Star Wars post conversion and a brand new trailer for The Complete Saga, hit the jump now.

Right now.

Do it.

SDCC 2011: Star Wars Blu-ray Deleted Scenes Clip Released!

Want to see a preview of deleted scenes from the Star Wars: The Complete Saga Blu-ray set? Here the video is, padawan.

Disney announces a whole slew of 3D Blu-Ray releases

Disney has really been enjoying its 3D lately.  The upconversion for Beauty and the Beast apparently hit well with people who attended this year’s Show West, and Disney has been hyping up that film for a long time.  However, delays have pushed this film out of Disney’s theatrical schedule.  Now, it seems like it will skip the theatrical route all together, and instead go straight to Blu-Ray...but still in 3D.  More after the break.

Pre-orders for the VZR Model One Gaming Headset Are Now Open

An all-new, all-powerful gaming headset from VZR is set to release in July. You can pre-order yours now. More details below... Back in 2014, former...