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Battleborn Preview / Beta Impressions

The beta offers an early impression of the overall finished game by providing multiple story missions and two online game modes. After extensive time in both we decide if Battleborn is shaping up to be a whole new adventure, or a bland shooter. Check it out!

Borderlands: The Handsome Collections Coming to PS4 & Xbox One in...

Got a fancy new video game console but don't want to miss out on Borderlands fun?  Well don't fret as the developers have revealed The Handsome Collection that brings Borderlands 2 and The Pre-Sequel to the new generation.  Come inside to learn more! 

Gearbox Reveals the Next Standalone Borderlands Game Coming this Fall

Fans of Borderlands have been anxiously awaiting any new regarding the next game in the franchise.  We've seen lots of DLC content for Borderlands 2 and even have a game coming from Telltale games (Tales From the Borderlands) but word of a new standalone title has been absent...until today.  Gearbox and 2K this morning dropped the first details on Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, set between the two numbered games that will be releasing this Fall.  Come inside to check out the first screenshots and video!

Focal Point: Ultra HD Snobbery

Some betrayals are hard to forgive in this week's edition of the Focal Point webcomic! There is absolutely no denying that I'm a "snob"...