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TV Review: Breaking Bad—”Hazard Pay”

Walt, Jesse, and Mike set out to create a new Meth Business for themselves. But as the three soon learn, being owners of their own operation can yield some—"unexpected" results.

TV Review: Breaking Bad—”Madrigal”

Mike takes the spotlight as Walt and Jessie try to start cooking again. 

TV Review: Breaking Bad—”Live Free or Die”

When I first decided I was going to review Breaking Bad, I knew it would be a challenge.  Not because it’s hard to write about, or because I don’t have a lot of things to say about it; I could easily write thousands of words about this show, and still have a ton of things to say about it.  But the problem with reviewing Breaking Bad is that, when it comes down to it, all this will be is a gigantic love fest.

Seven Things We Expect To See On This Season of Breaking...

In less than four days, the season premiere of Breaking Bad will be upon us.  Breaking Bad, heavily regarded as one of the best shows on television, tells the story of science teacher Walter White's descent into crime hood after being diagnosed with cancer.  The show has been nominated for numerous awards, and we here at TMP are big fans of the series.  So before we head into the show's fifth season, we thought it would be appropriate to tell you what we expect to see during the next eight episodes.  Even though last season seemed to end in a rather closed fashion, there's still a lot of loose ends floating around to keep us entertained for another sixteen episodes.  Here are the plot threads we believe will pop up once again to torment our two favorite meth dealers.


Walter White Has Entrepreneurial Spirit to Spare In A Brand New...

Walter White sees a business opportuinty and he takes it in a brand new trailer for Season 5 of Breaking Bad.

Six New Photos from the Season Premiere of Breaking Bad Hit...

Three weeks.  In three weeks time, Breaking Bad will return for the first part of its fifth and final season.  Well we're not sure what to really expect from the premiere, a new batch of photos from the episode might pin some light on the situation...and things sure do look tense.

Guess What? Now A Breaking Bad Movie May Happen

In lieu of the hit series approaching its closing point, lead actor Bryan Cranston has teased a potential feature film adaptation for Breaking Bad, taking place after the events of the show's ending.  So yes, even the very successful and very plot driven Breaking Bad may get a movie.  Find out why this is both a good and bad idea after the jump.

Everything Is Canon: Make Them Cry

On this episode of "Everything is Canon", Steve talks with the writing team of Smith Henderson and Jon Marc Smith all about their debut...