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Eighteen Films Are Eligible for the Best Animated Film Oscar This...

Last year, a paltry three films were nominated for a best animated feature Oscar.  That's because, unless a year has more than 16 films in contention for the title, the nominee count can be no bigger than three.  Well this year a whopping 18 films are vying for the title.  Which ones do we think will be nominated?  Check out the full list and our predictions after the jump.

Cars 2 Blu-ray Review!

The Movie Pool goes round and round with Cars 2 on Blu-ray!

Pixar is Working on Toy Story 4 Right Now, Says Tom...

Tom Hanks was once voted the most trustworthy celebrity in the world.  Tom Hanks says Pixar is working on Toy Story 4.  And would he lie to you for the sake of a cheap joke?  We don't think so.  Find out what Hanks has to say about this potential project after the jump.

Weekend Box Office: Green Lantern Slips But Pixar Keeps Winning

It was a rather interesting weekend for box office as several studios took many risks. You would think its an off weekend that isn't full of much interest. Due to the fact Green Lantern was the only big budget release still counting numbers I would usually agree? However that wasn't the case.

Box Office: Predicting the Highest Grossing Films of Summer 2011

Summer 2011 is huge. I've said it once, and I will say it again. Because of the somewhat "overstuffed" nature of the season, it's rather natural for some films to be pushed out of the public eye. Not every wide release this year will make $200 million dollars. They could be huge movies, but they will eventually become the casualty of a crowded marketplace. It's sad, but true. So which films will rise up to the top of the mound and conquer the Summer Box Office? Here's our picks.

TMP’s Summer 2011 Movie Guide: June

Summer 2011 is a big season for movies, and June is no exception.  Super hero epics, animated behemoths, alien thrillers, and more await us as TheMoviePool dives into one of the biggest months of the summer season.

(Check out the previous guide for May)

Cars 2 official trailer finally gives fans something to work with

So far what we've seen from Pixar's follow-up to Cars (cleverly named Cars 2) hasn't been anything to really brag about.  The teaser trailer didn't give away much information and seemed to be playing it safe.  Then the teaser poster came out and it was about was pretty boring.  Nothing in particular has really wowed us, or shown fans that this film can be great.  However, Pixar and Disney are looking to change that with the release of an actual trailer for Cars 2...and it does a much better job.

‘Super 8’ finally gets a release date

Super 8, the secret project from director J.J Abrams and producer Steven Spielberg, has finally gotten a solid release date beyond “Next Summer.”  But it’s a pretty competitive one, to say the least.

‘Cars 2’ teaser trailer rolls onto the web

The teaser trailer for the sequel to Disney-Pixar's highly successful film, Cars, has finally dropped down onto the internet and drops hints about the story you might not have expected.


To be honest with you, I'm not exactly sure what to think on this trailer.  Part of me feels that this could all be some misdirection and that the movie won't have anything to do with what the trailer says.  If it's true, then expect Cars 2 to take Lightning McQueen and Mater and drop them into a spy espionage story.  Sounds very odd, I know, but it's Pixar so it's hard to not give them the benefit of the doubt.

New Avatar Comic Takes the Story Beyond the First Film

Dark Horse has announced a brand new Avatar comic mini-series that will partially fill the gap between the James Cameron's first movie and the...