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LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures Season 2 Dates Revealed

The second season of the quirky LEGO Star Wars animated series, The Freemaker Adventures, was announce during this year's big Celebration event but today finally brings word on when you'll be able to watch it.  Come inside to learn when the new season premieres, check out a new clip, and some images! 

Archer Moves to FXX for Season 8

Our favorite loud mouth super spy is moving to an all new channel for its eighth season! But don't worry just yet, it's not moving very far.  

Pokemon Anime Makes the Switch to Disney XD

The long running Pokemon anime is set to continue with Sun & Moon, which will see Ash interact with new characters/creatures from the newly launched games of the same name.  What's different, however, is that the new series (along with all the previous seasons) will now debut on Disney XD, along with a new movie.  Come inside to learn more and watch the English trailer! 

LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures Trailer Introduces New Heroes and...

The new animated Star Wars show is set to debut later this month, but for now you can get your first real glimpse of the upcoming show, with a proper introduction to the new cast of characters joining the galaxy far, far away. 

Star Wars Rebels Season 3 Could Introduce Thrawn to the New...

As the second season of Star Wars Rebels continues to delight fans, a new rumor suggests that one of the old, beloved, Expanded Universe characters could finally be making his way into the new canon in season three.  Come inside to hear the scoop.  

Nickelodeon Brings Avatar: The Last Airbender Complete Series to DVD in...

Get ready Avatar: The Last Airbender fans, as Nickelodeon has announced they're bringing the complete series to DVD in one box set this October for only $30.  It's a ridiculously good deal for this animated goodness.  

The Complete ThunderCats Reboot Coming to Blu-Ray in November

In 2011, Cartoon Network rebooted the classic 80s series, ThunderCats and it was pretty awesome to watch.  If you missed out on it, however, Warner Bros. has announced that the full series is coming to blu-ray next month!  

James Earl Jones Returns as Darth Vader in Star Wars Rebels!

After rumors of the Star Wars Rebels premiere airing on ABC with a specially added Darth Vader scene, it's now been officially confirmed.  What's better is James Earl Jones is coming back to once again voice the iconic Sith Lord!

Disney XD Gives Star Wars Rebels a Second Season Order

Star Wars Rebels, the newest cartoon series, is set to debut tomorrow night on Disney XD, and ahead of it's premier the companies have announced that the show has been given a second season already.  As if there were any doubt. 

Star Wars Rebels Premiere and Series Dates Revealed

We've known for a while now that Star Wars Rebels, the upcoming animated series, was set to debut on Disney XD in October.  What we've been wondering for a little while now (and were surprised to not hear about at SDCC), is the exact date when the hour long premiere would air, and when the rest of the series would follow.  Now we do, thanks to an announcement from Lucasfilm/Disney.  Come inside to find out when you can see the premiere, how to see it early, and when to set your DVRs for the rest of the series!

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