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Ridley Scott’s The Counselor Comes Home February 11th

20th Century Fox has just announced a release date for the Blu-Ray/DVD of Ridley Scott's latest film, The Counselor.  If you didn't get a chance to see it in theaters last year, but wanted to, you'll have your chance soon enough.  Come inside to check out all that will come packaged with the release when it lands in February!

Take Riddick Home on Blu-Ray in January

The anti-hero that made Vin Diesel a star returned to theaters early this year in Riddick.  If you missed his reappearance or simply want to enjoy it again, Universal has announced the details on the blu-ray release including the special features it's coming with along with exactly when you can get your hands on it. Come inside for all the details!

Beast Wars Figures Return to Transformers Toy Line!

During today's continuation of Hasbro PulseCon, the toy makers revealed new Transformers action figures, including the return of Maximals and Predacons!  On top of releasing...