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Inherent Vice

Inherent Vice wades under the weight of a layered miasma; one made up of marijuana smoke, murky memories, and a distracting socio-political fog. It's a 2014 film telling a 1970's story. But it's that gap in between that the story lurks; a tale told today in retrospect that got lost somewhere in the middle.

Gone Girl

Gone Girl won the box office this past weekend with its dark and twisted look at a modern marriage and a murder mystery unlike anything you’ve seen on the silver screen before.  David Fincher’s latest is a dream blend of suspense, drama, acting, and cynical humor that points a finger squarely at the expectations of our society and makes you wonder what kind of monsters we’re building just below the surface.

Edge of Tomorrow

Edge of Tomorrow was a surprise hit of the Summer garnering much critical acclaim while it was in theaters.  Now Warner Bros. is bringing the sci-fi action film home on blu-ray, and I’m here to let you know why it’s worth picking up for your home entertainment shelf.  

The Maze Runner

Every month, a boy is carried up an elevator into a glade.  He has no memory, no purpose, no place, but a maze surrounds the glade and its mysteries beckon.  The Maze Runner is a high-tension, thrill ride of a film based on the excellent young adult book by James Dashner.  Feeling like a mix of Lost and The Lord of the Flies, it does a great job of pulling the audience in and not letting you go until the credits roll.  While it has its flaws, its benefits outweigh its faults and I would highly recommend it to anyone who likes films like The Hunger Games.


Universal Studios scored a comedy hit this Summer with Seth Rogen’s Neighbors, which saw him as a family man square off against the Zac Efron-led fraternity that moves in next door.  Now the film is about to hit on the blu-ray and I got a chance to check it out ahead of time to see if the film is worth adding to your home entertainment shelf!  


Churning out movie after movie adhering to a popular trend is what Hollywood does best. Divergent is the latest attempt to turn a popular YA novel into a popular movie franchise, checking all the increasingly familiar boxes. 

Rated: Jackass Presents Bad Grandpa

Jackass Presents Bad Grandpa won’t be winning an Oscar but we already knew that. What it will do is make you laugh...a lot. Come check out my full thoughts after the jump!

ROCCAT ELO X Stereo Review

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ui6VTKk5CiE&feature=youtu.be&fbclid=IwAR00kUnVrX1v1RuJWBK3i8VStZe4GeWNVfmLh8_oTWqAkGsq9KyH2Mj-T7s Our latest headset review has us putting the ROCCAT ELO X Stereo Gaming Headset through the paces. After logging hours upon hours of gaming...