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Channing Tatum May Cameo as Gambit in X-Men: Apocalypse

With Bryan Singer's next X-Men movie set to begin filming next month, more rumors on which mutants could appear are starting to leak out.  The latest report claims that some of the original cast may show up after all, and Channing Tatum's new Gambit could cameo.  Come inside for more!

Batman Could Cameo in Suicide Squad

Earlier this week we heard details on the possible plot of the upcoming Suicide Squad film, and now it seems like more information has snuck out this time revealing that Ben Affleck's Batman may, in fact, pop up in the movie.  Come inside to learn more!

Details on Suicide Squad’s Plot and The Joker’s Role Possibly Revealed

David Ayer's Suicide Squad movie is set to begin filming a little later this year, and while we have a cast in place (minus Tom Hardy who just left), very little is known about the film's plot...until now. A new report has come in detailing the story and how the Joker fits into it all.  Come inside to check it out.  

Spider-Man Could Appear in Avengers: Infinity War Part 1!

You probably read daily about Spider-Man and the problems he is creating for Sony, and how Marvel is begging to get some type of deal done. Well today is another one of those days as rumors have fired up once again stating the deal is actually done and Spider-Man will appear in the MCU by 2018. Read more after the jump.

Simon Kinberg Could Finish the First Star Wars Spin-Off Script

Late last week, it was revealed that Gary Whitta was no longer working on the script for the first Star Wars standalone film being directed by Gareth Edwards. Now reports are coming in that Simon Kinberg will be finishing it up.  Come inside to learn more, plus our thoughts on it! 

Next Star Wars Animated Series Could Take Place During Sequel Trilogy...

All eyes are currently on Star Wars: The Force Awakens as we eagerly await the release of the first trailer, but that doesn't mean other things aren't in motion for other aspects of the galaxy far, far away. A new report has come out regarding future animated series and when exactly they'd take place. Come inside to learn more!

Possible Plot for the 2016 Star Wars Spin-Off Revealed?

2015 is nearly upon us and that means it's about time to start hearing more and more about the upcoming Star Wars films.  We know the first Star Wars standalone film is hitting in 2016, and that filming will begin early next year, and now we may know what it's about.  Come inside to see the latest report and our thoughts on it!

Jared Leto Could be The Joker in David Ayer’s Suicide Squad

Many names have been thrown about in regards to casting for the 2016 Suicide Squad movie, and a new report is throwing another into the mix.  The latest rumors claims that Jared Leto is being eyed to play the Joker in the upcoming film! Come inside to learn more, plus our thoughts, on this rumor.  

Wonder Woman Film(s) Could Take an Unexpected Course

The planned Wonder Woman solo film—and any sequels that might follow—may not be exactly what fans have been expecting. Rumor has it that DC/Warner plans an interesting twist in regard to Wonder Woman’s place in the DC Cinematic Universe. Possible are spoilers ahead.

John Williams Recording the Star Wars 7 Trailer in November?

While no one quite knows when to expect the first teaser trailer for Star Wars: Episode VII, a new report claims that legendary composer John Williams is set to record new music for the film's first trailer next month!  Come inside to learn more and hear our thoughts on it.  

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