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MegaBytes: COD Battle Royale, Kingdom Hearts, And More!

MegaBytes is a new weekly article where we glance over the week's hottest topics in gaming and present our short reactions. See if you agree, see if you don’t, either way let us know on our socials and in the comments!

Indie Beat: New Stills from Halfway to Blackout

Today's Indie Beat comes in the form of a handful of new images from the upcoming comedy, Halfway to Blackout, which focuses on a little rock band doing their best to make it big...Aren't we all?

Game Franchises That Deserve a Reboot: Rogue Squadron

Many of you know of my love for the Star Wars franchise, and I’ve talked previously about how much I thoroughly enjoy dogfight/flying simulators.  So it should come as no surprise that I’m a big fan of the Rogue Squadron video games.  Star Wars has spun off a number of video games (some good, some not) that fans have wanted to see return again.  While this may not be the first time you’ll see the franchise pop up on my Reboot column, Rogue Squadron is pretty much top of my list for Star Wars games that need some sort of revival.

Indie Beat: Ghett’a Life Release Dates Announced for North America

Today's Indie Beat comes in the form of the North American release date for Ghett'a Life, which just so happens to be Jamaica's highest grossing box office hit. 

News Bits: Waterworld, Warm Bodies, John Dies at the End, A...

It's been a while since News Bits has made an appearance for us.  With the merger between TheMoviePool and PushStartSelect, we decided it was a good time to bring it back.  The world of movies is packed with tons of news both big and small.  Sometimes the smaller pieces of information fall through the cracks, or we come acorss amazing articles from fellow movie journlaists that we feel are worth bringing to your attention.  Thus, we have News Bits as a place to compile all of those things into one neat and tidy package. 

Rumor Control: The Justice League Villain Revealed?

Another week, and yet another Justice League rumor comes to pass.  It makes sense, with Warner Bros having already confirmed a 2015 launch date, information on the project is sure to be coming soon, which also means speculation is running rampant.  Today's rumor comes in the form of who will be the bad guy that brings all of comic superheroes together. 

Indie Beat: Release Date and First Trailer for ‘Three Blind Saints’

Indie Beat today sees the first trailer and release date date announcement for Three Blind Saints, an upcoming comedy about three childhood friends with schemes and dreams to 'make it big'. 

Movie Music Mondays: “The Dream” from 1990’s Total Recall

The composition of a score is one of the most important aspects of filmmaking. I would fight you tooth and nail if you disagree with this theory. I've been a fan of film scores for as long as I've remembered, and this column will be devoted to the movie related tracks that have been playing in my mind (and constantly spinning in my iPhone) for the past week. So sit back, relax, and prepare for some awesome music!

This week, we'll be focusing on the first track from the score to the original Total Recall: "The Dream" from composer Jerry Goldsmith.

Indie Beat: Exodus Gets a North American Release Date

Here at TheMoviePool we like to talk about all aspects of filmmaking and movie news. To that end, we have Indie Beat where we highlight some of the latest news, trailers, and PR releases from the indie filmmaker scene.  So if you're an independent filmmaker and want some coverage on our site, be sure to drop us a line. This week the film Exodus, from Penny Woolcock, gets a US release date!

Box Office Prognosis: Spider-Man Defeats Teddy Bears, Pop Stars, and Strippers

Shocker of the summer: the newest Spider-Man film has made a crapton of money.  Coming off of the six day Independance Day weekend (that entire sentence is ridiculous), The Amazing Spider-Man made a grand total of $140 million, $65 million of which came from the actual three day weekend.  That's a stellar take for the reboot, but is not mind blowing, nor "amazing."

Focal Point: Rush to the Crown

Getting sucked into a new game can have detrimental affects on the rest of your production output in this week's Focal Point. There are games...