Channel Control: Marvel’s S.H.I.E.L.D. Pilot Begins Filming

One of the most talked about upcoming TV series is Marvel's S.H.I.E.L.D., which will tie in to their cinematic universe, as well as bring back fan-favorite, Agent Coulson.  We heard about it and got excited over the Summer, and now filming for the pilot episode is currently underway...with some maddeningly vague pictures to boot. 

Nerd Approved: Comic Book Events That Will Never Happen Outside of...

With The Avengers making waves all across Hollywood, we have seen what comic books can actually do for cinema. Sure, we had X-Men already, but with The Avengers, Marvel finally created a universe in movies like the one they have in comics. Now the question is, how do we keep this going? How do we keep comic books fresh? Well the answer is simple, keep telling more in-depth stories and expanding the universe. The answer could be in movies, but perhaps video games or television has a better standing ground? Here are some comic book events that would make for great story telling, but will probably never happen (at least not any time soon).

Y: The Last Man Gets New Lease on Life; Dan Trachtenberg...

An adaptation of the popular comic, Y: The Last Man, has been gestating for quite some time; in fact, it even made my list for the best comic book movies that never happened.  Now it looks like New Line Cinema have decided to get serious about the property again as they've hired newcomer Dan Trachtenberg to handle the adaptation. 

Villains We Would Like to See In Future Spider-Man Films

Spider-Man will be seeing another movie next year with the mighty Electro, but what else will we see? While the previous Spider-Man series with Sam Rami and Tobey was awesome, it had mistakes that warranted this reboot. One of the biggest mistakes was rushing right into Venom and skipping out on a lot of key villains in between. The reboot means a chance for redemption, and the opportunity for us to see other villains get some big screen love.  So here’s my list of the villains I want to see in the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man franchise (but not necessarily all at once).

Jaime Foxx in Talks to Portray Electro in ‘The Amazing Spider-Man...

Well this is kind of surprising news.  Not too long ago, there were rumors spreading around that Sony was considering using Electro as the villain in their upcoming Amazing Spider-Man sequel.  Now, I guess we can consider that a confirmed as reports are coming in now that they're already in early talks with Jamie Foxx to portray the comic book villain. 

James Mangold Confirms ‘The Wolverine’ Is a Sequel to X-Men Films,...

Most of us assumed (mostly because that seems how the studio phrased it) that The Wolverine would be a sequel to X-Men Origins: Wolverine, thus a prequel to the original trilogy of X-Men films.  But we were all wrong.  According to the film's director, this movie is actually set to take place AFTER those films. 

First Trailer for Iron Man 3 is Pretty Awesome

Marvel's been teasing us over the last couple days with Iron Man 3 stuff, all leading up to the debut of the first trailer...which is now online.  It sets a very different tone for Iron Man than we've seen in the past, and it's filled with all kinds of awesomeness.

Check Out The First Official Images and Poster from Iron Man...

Over the weekend, fans got to see the briefest glimpse of footage from Marvel's upcoming Iron Man 3 in preparation for the trailer's debut tomorrow.  Marvel apparently doesn't want you to forget about the film in the DAY between those events, and have released a handful of the first official images from the film.

Rumor Control: Justice League to Film Next Year for a 2015...

Word has reportedly come out from the Warner Bros. camp, that since winning their Superman court case yesteray (allowing them to retain the rights to the superhero) the studio is keen to fast-track the Justice League movie and have it launch in 2015. 

Full Official Synopsis for ‘Iron Man 3’ Revealed

Next week will see the release of the first trailer for Iron Man 3, which kicks off Marvel's Phase 2 of films.  So while fans are eagerly awaiting that, Disney has unveiled the official plot synopsis for the upcoming film. 

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