Rumor Control: Armie Hammer on WBs List for Batman in ‘Justice...

Back when Warner Bros. was first trying to pull together a Justice League movie, Armie Hammer was the original actor set to don the cape and cowl of the Dark Knight.  That movie of course fell through, and despite his disappointment at missing out on the role, Hammer went on to success in many other roles.  But now rumor has it, he's on the radar once again to portray the caped crusader in the company's forthcoming Justice League film. 

Blu Review: The Dark Knight Returns, Part 1

With a string of successful animated films, Warner Bros. has finally given fans the adaptation they've been craving in The Dark Knight ReturnsPart 1 just hit store shelves and we're here to help you decide whether or not this animated film is worth adding to your collection at home!

When Will Captain America Throw His Mighty Shield Again?

Chris Evans, who played the star-spangled hero Captain America in Captain America: the First Avenger and in The Avengers, has been doing some talking at this weeks Toronto Film Festival regarding when filming will start on the sequel to CA:TFA and when it will likely be released. The sequel will introduce another superhero to the Marvel movie universe. 

TMP’s Summer 2012 Movie Awards – Nominations

It seems like only yesterday we were gearing up for the Summer movie season with our preview guides and high hopes. Now its come to a close, and it's time for us here to take a look back at the films from this Summer. Rather than do a boring old best/worst article like usual, we've decided to host the Summer 2012 Movie Awards. Today is the announcement of our nominees in the various categories. The best part is, you guys get to vote on them as well, and if you do you could win The Avengers on blu-ray!

Rumor Control: The Next Batman Will Appear in Justice League First

Everyone knows that Warner Bros. is planning on rebooting the Batman franchise, but the major question has been when.  With a Justice League movie script currently looking for a director, and Man of Steel supposedly set to tie-in to it, Batman fans have wondered how Warner Bros. was intending to reboot Batman before Justice League.  The answer may very well be that they aren't.

Their Best Scene: The Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight Rises has been out for a little while now and people are still talking about it. Whether you had problems with it, or thought it was pitch-perfect, the fact remains it is a film worth talking about. To that end, I've decided to dedicate my latest in my "Their Best Scene" series to it. There are many to choose from in this epic finale, yet I felt a scene near the end of the film provides the highlight of the film and showcased the film's various themes aptly.

The Justice League Film Faces Some Super Challenges

Warner Brothers has commisioned a script for a Justice League film but bringing the project to the screen may not be so easy. A movie like this brings with it a plethora of creative challenges. Will it be a s Shared universe? A Stand-alone project? Should they use new actors or the ones from previous films? Do they introduce all the characters or just assume everyone knows Superman and Green Lantern? What's the best way to make a Justice League film?  There are tons of questions, and I take a look at the biggest ones and my thoughts on how it should be handled.

The Amazing Spider-Man Review: Bringing Character to the Forefront

When I got a chance to check out The Amazing Spider-Man last week, I was anxious. I love Spider-Man and am fond of the Sam Raimi creations, and being a reboot I wasn't exactly sure the type of experience I was in for. However, I walked out of that theater with a massive smile on my face. THIS is the Spider-Man I grew up with as a kid reading comics, and I couldn't have been happier. In fact, it's one of the most character driven superhero films I've seen since The Dark Knight.

Why It’s Okay That Joss Whedon Cut 45 Minutes From The...

 Fan boys have been curious as to how long Marvel's upcoming team-up movie might run.  While I don't think many of us would complain that it'd be too long, a lot of people have worried the film will feel rushed with a shortened run time.  Joss Whedon has now spoken up and confirmed the how long the film will be.  While some fans may clamor for the footage not included in the final cut, that's not necessarily a bad thing, or what you actually want.

Green Lantern: Blu-Ray Review

TheMoviePool recently got the chance to sit down with Green Lantern on blu-ray, which has been doing surprisingly well in DVD/blu-ray sales, in order to tell you whether or not it's worth picking up.

Skywalker A Family at War (Book Review)

The galaxy’s most influential family gets a historical account in the latest Star Wars book. Chronicling the Skywalker journey from Shmi to Rey, it’s...