The 4 Ways to Fix Marvel’s Movies

This past Summer was a big one for Marvel.  With two untested properties (Thor and Captain America) hitting theaters as a prelude to The Avengers, it was important for those films to succeed.  Otherwise they could lose much needed fans for their ultimate team-up movie.  And while they were big box office draws and did well critically, Marvel’s films are still falling short.  So I’ve come up with 4 ways Marvel can fix their films for the future.

3 Reasons To Be Excited For The Amazing Spider-Man

I am a huge Spider-Man fan, but I will openly admit that I was afraid of the upcoming reboot. I didn’t like the sound of anything. The new cast, the sparkly looking costume, the origin story we already know, and many other things were all bugging the hell out of me. Then came my copy of Entertainment Weekly featuring Spider-Man and everything changed. So here is why I went from hating the entire idea of it, to why I now couldn’t be any more excited.

Look! In the sky! It’s … Neurosis Man!

As a fan of film in general, I tend to go to the movies at least four times a month. But this number is never in more flux than in the summer and even more so since “The Dark Knight” showed producers that a film based on a comic can print money. However, I am disturbed by (and I am sure many of my fellow geeks can appreciate this) the sudden inundation of “Meh”-genre comic book movies. These are the kind of films that don't quite reach that “so bad it's good” status, like Super Mario Bros. or Superman II, but they certainly aren't good enough to warrant a re-watch or to stand amongst the greats (such as Iron Man and The Dark Knight). After seeing three comic book movies in a relatively short amount of time, I think I have a few theories as to what separates the “greats” from the “goods” and the “goods” from the “mehs.”

Cowboys and Aliens Review: The Gold Rush Goes Intergalactic

The moment I heard that Dreamworks would be producing the film adaptation of Scott Mitchell Rosenberg's 2006 graphic novel Cowboys and Aliens I was probably one of the most excited fanboys in the state of Texas and that excitement grew exponentially as it was announced that the epically badass Daniel Craig and fan favorite hottie Olivia Wilde would be starring and comic adaptation guru Jon Favreau would be directing.  Then came the greatest news of all: screen legend Harrison Ford was set to star, making the epic return to sci-fi that we have all anticipated for decades.  And I am pleased to report that all of this terrific news has culminated in one seriously awesome sci-fi/western romp as kick-ass and visually impressive as we all hoped for.

Top 5 Tuesday: The Top 5 Worst Superhero Films of the...

Welcome to Top 5 Tuesday, a column that celebrates turkey bacon, comfy shorts, and inexplicable 3-week-long hiatuses. Each week we'll be listing off the Top 5 persons, places, things, or ideas of our own choosing. This week, in celebration of the release of Green Lantern, TMP brings you: "The Top 5 Worst Superhero Films of the Last 10 Years."

TMP Reviews – X-Men: First Class

With two decidedly weaker sequels (and one that’s nearly unwatchable) the X-Men franchise needed a big hit in order to pull itself back from the brink, and breath new life into the series.  That’s exactly what the filmmakers hoped to do with X-Men: First Class...and it worked.

TMP Reviews: Thor

From the beginning, Thor was expected to have the most difficult production of all the Marvel movies.  Well his other Avenger cronnies stuck to science fiction formula, Thor was a different breed all together.  Believe it or not, Norse superheros aren't that scientific, nor believable, and Thor was going to have to find away to bridge the gap between itself and The Avengers.  On top of all of that, it had to deliver a mainstream film that audiences would like without taking away the fantasy elements geeks would swoon over.  Now, with the film's release already upon us, can we validly say the film succeeded in juggling all of these elements?

To put it bluntly, a resounding "YES."

Top 10 Comic Book Movie Quotes

If you've paid attention to the site, then you've probably realized that we here at TMP love our comic book movies. So we found it fitting that our very first VIDEO countdown feature that genre of films.

5 Major Concerns With The Justice League Movie

With the recent news from Warner’s Brothers President of motion pictures, that a Justice League movie is in the works with the goal of reaching theaters in 2013, many fanboys find themselves torn.  While most of us are excited for such a team-up, it’s seems very sudden with a lot of issues behind it.  Here at TMP, I’ve listed my five biggest concerns for this movie.

‘X Men: First Class’ teaser trailer premieres with a bang [Updated]

[Update] We've update with some high-res stills from the trailer, just in case you missed something. [Update]

The fact that the trailer for X Men: First Class didn't premiere at the Super Bowl is appalling.  Why didn't Fox's biggest movie of the summer premiere during the biggest event of the year that AIRED on Fox.  I thought it was because the trailer wasn't done yet.  But then they up and release the teaser four days later!  What are they doing over there?  Regardless, how was the trailer?  Well...not worth waiting for, I'll tell you that much.

Pre-orders for the VZR Model One Gaming Headset Are Now Open

An all-new, all-powerful gaming headset from VZR is set to release in July. You can pre-order yours now. More details below... Back in 2014, former...