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The 8 Superheroes Who Represent American Ideals Better Than Captain America

I imagine at this point, most of America has seen Captain America. Well, not me!  My theater, in all its ineptitude, has decided to bring in Zookeeper for an extended stay rather than Captain America. So I'm stuck here, on the internet, silently watching as the masses fall in love with the movie.  But even though I haven't seen it yet, I know one thing for sure; Captain America does not represent America.  He represents patriotism, but not American ideals themselves.  For some reason or another, Captain America's superhero cohorts do a better job at representing the American ideals than the big, blue, boy scout himself.  While we're not exactly proud of it, here are the eight superheroes who better represent American ideals than Captain America.  These issues are prevalent everywhere...but when describing modern America, you would be hard pressed not to mention these issues.

First Set Picture From The Avengers, Plus Official Press Release

After just one day of filming (which we announced yesterday), Marvel has already released their first pic from the set.  Don't get too excited though as it doesn't show any cast, but it's still kind of fun.  More interesting is the press release they've also issued which announces the start of filming, plus confirms a long-rumored villain in the film.

Top 10 Comic Book Movie Quotes

If you've paid attention to the site, then you've probably realized that we here at TMP love our comic book movies. So we found it fitting that our very first VIDEO countdown feature that genre of films.

Comic Book Movies: Is it time to rest?

While the genre spent many years appealing to a niche audience and suffering terrible adaptations, comic book movies have found their way into the mainstream.  Now that they have, though, is it possible we're being overwhelmed by them? 

Hands On With the Stealth Core Trainer Workout Platform

We go hands on with a workout device (crazy, I know) that combines exercise and gaming in a way that feels both unique and...