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New Concept Art and Screenshots for Spyro: Reignited Trilogy Revealed

Last week, Activision and Toys for Bob premiered the beautifully cinematic launch trailer for Spyro: Reignited Trilogy.  Now, feast your eyes upon the gorgeous new concept art and screenshots for the upcoming game!

Alleged Destiny 2 Concept Art Leaked

New reels from the artist who worked on Destiny: The Taken King have leaked concept boards that very much look like they're for Destiny 2!  Check them out!

Is Kratos Headed for Valhalla? Concept Art Revealed

A new leak by NerdLeaks reveals that the once Greek God of War may be making the Norse Gods his next target.  Come inside to find out more, including concept art!

Kingsman: The Golden Circle Plot and Concept Art Revealed

Matthew Vaughn chatted with Empire and revealed the plot for the Kingsman sequel, Kingsman: The Golden Circle!  Check it out along with some concept art!

Behold! A slideshow of concept art from Disney’s Aladdin!

Concept art from Disney's Aladdin has been revealed!

Captain America Civil War Promo Art Reveals Who Stands On Which...

We finally have new details on the Iron Man vs Captain America teams for the upcoming film Captain America: Civil War!  Take a look!

Disney Animation Announces Moana for 2016 Release

This morning, Walt Disney's Animation department announced a brand new, original film, Moana, coming to theaters in 2016, and they've revealed the first concept art to show you what they have in mind.  Come inside to learn more about the film!

New Concept Art Gives Fans Our First Real Look at The...

Ever since it was revealed that Paul Bettany would no longer be the simple voice of Jarvis in the next Avengers movie, but instead would play the android hero the Vision, fans have been eager to know what he'd look like.  While the large poster they revealed at SDCC gave as a brief glimpse of the hero from behind, we still haven't seen much of the Vision...until now.  Some newly revealed concept art is giving us our first real look at the new character, and it's pretty impressive.  Come inside to check it out!

Star Wars VII Rumor Round-Up: Han Solo’s New Look & Ride,...

Today seems to be the day that the Heavens have opened up and eager star Wars fans have been given oodles of information (potentially, as it's still all rumor at this point) regarding Star Wars: Episode VII.  On top of the Stormtrooper designs we covered earlier, along with the new details on the film's villains, MORE information has come out that's equally exciting.  Come inside to check out some concept art for Han Solo in the film, learn more about his new starship and learn more about the primary leader of the villains! [Updated with details on Daisey Ridley's costume!]

Concept Art Shows Off What Jurassic World’s Diabolus-Rex Could Look Like

Colin Trevorrow is currently filming Jurassic World, and last week confirmed some of the plot detail rumors that have been floating around.  While we know an all new dinosaur (genetically engineered and didn't actually exist) will be hitting the big screen, we've had no idea what it would look like.  Some concept art has landed online showing off what could be our first look at the D-Rex.  Come inside to check it out.

His Dark Materials: Lyra’a Oxford Gift Edition Coming This Fall

After the recent release of The Golden Compass Illustrated Edition an oversized, lavishly illustrated collector’s edition of Philip Pullman’s beloved fantasy classic, a now...