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Warner Bros Casts Wonder Woman’s Mom

Filming is well under way for the upcoming Wonder Woman solo film, and while we know a few cast members, there's still some blank spaces on the list we haven't heard about.  Today brings casting news on Queen Hippolyta, Wonder Woman's mother.  Come inside to learn more.

More Named Actors Heading to Superman

WB may have finally learned what it will take to make Superman as popular as Batman again. They seem to be following in every footstep The Dark Knight has made. The story will supposedly even be darker, and that isn't like the Superman we know. Now they are going the route of getting known named actors to play each part.

Watch and Win Minecraft Dungeons on Xbox One!

On our latest streaming giveaway, we'll be playing the recently released Minecraft spin-off, while giving away a digital copy of Minecraft Dungeons on Xbox! We...