Big Hero 6 Early Screening Passes for Our Dallas Readers!

Disney/Marvel are once again partnering with us here at cinelinx for the chance to give our Dallas based readers the opportunity to see Big Hero 6 before everyone else.  Come inside to find out how to get your early passes!

Test Your Horror Movie Knowledge With Cinelinx’s October Contest

It's horror month here on the site and we're launching a month long contest for diehard Horror Movie fans, for a chance to win a copy of the Cinelinx Game!  Come inside for all the details on how to enter.

Cinelinx Super Cool Sprukits Giveaway!

If you haven’t already, head over to our review of Sprukits to learn about what these cool figures are! Most of you probably already have and are here for the contest details, so I will dive right in!

Review: Sprukits Are The Coolest Toys Ever

I’m a toy collector and I spend a lot of money on collecting toys. Normally I keep toys in their boxes for collection sake, but I of course open some of the cool ones I never want to sell. I also have had plenty of toys from growing up and all these years of finding already opened toys at garage sales etc… That being said, when we were contacted about “build it yourself” toys, I was super excited to see what this was.

JJ Abrams Teases Robotic Hand to Announce the Force for Change...

A couple months ago, the ultimate contest started with Force For Change, a fundraising effort for UNICEF, through Omaze, that would give one lucky fan the chance to be in Star Wars: Episode VII.  Throughout the contest we've seen exciting teases from the set and people have been donating like crazy.  Today, the official results of the funds raised have come in and a winner has been announced.  Come inside to check out the announcement and see the next tease from JJ Abrams!

Dallas Readers: Score Early Screening Passes to Guardians of the Galaxy!

Marvel's next big screen adventure is nearly here with James Gunn's Guardians of the Galaxy releasing on August 1st.  We know the wait is hard for comic book fans and that's why we've partnered up with Marvel/Disney in order to give our readers in the Dallas area, the chance to see the film before it releases.  Come inside to find out how to score your passes! 

Win a Collectible Empire Strikes Back Framed Film Cell!

Our Star Wars month is nearly over, but that doesn't mean we can't give you guys something awesome related to the best film in the Saga; The Empire Strikes Back!  We're hooking up one lucky reader and movie buff with a framed Empire Strikes Back film cell to display.  Come inside to learn how you can win, as well as details on some of our upcoming contests! 

Score Tickets to an Early Screening of Captain America: The Winter...

Here at Cinelinx, we love sending our readers to early screenings of the most anticipated films coming up for release, and we've been fortunate to work with several studios in doing so.  Now, Disney/Marvel is partnering with us to give our readers in the DFW area a chance to see Captain America: The Winter Soldier before it releases!  Come inside to find out when the screening is and how to snag your passes.  

Elder Scrolls Online Beta Happening this Weekend, Get Your Codes Here!

Bethesda is holding another beta weekend for The Elder Scrolls Online MMO, and once again they've been gracious enough to give us a slew of beta codes to give our loyal readers and gamers the chance to get in on the fun.  We're making it super easy to get the codes, so come inside to find out how to snag yours!

Score Free Early Screening Passes to Her (Dallas)

Joaquin Phoenix's upcoming film Her has been garnering a lot of buzz lately with many claiming it to be one of the best films of the year and has Oscar written all over it.  Now we're giving our readers in the Dallas area the chance to check it out for themselves before it hits wide release!  Come inside for details on how to see it first.

Star Wars: Project Luminous Ushers in the Age of The High...

Last night, Lucasfilm pulled the curtain back on Project Luminous, revealing the massive interconnected publishing effort for Star Wars fans.  Project Luminous is something I’ve...