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As the end of the 75th Anniversary of Batman rolls around, DC Comics gives us a week full of gifts concentrated on the Dark Knight and his beloved family of crime fighters. It’s been a hard year for our Caped Crusader as he’s dealt with the death of his son and the change from Dick Grayson being a super hero to embracing the role of government agent. We also get some action from femme fatales Helena Bertinelli and Catwoman as they cross paths with dangerous enemies in their different and complex walks of life.

Graphic Review: Damian: Son of Batman Deluxe Edition

I was rather upset at the news that DC would be killing off Damian Wayne. I really didn’t see why they should off the character just when he was hitting his prime. Everybody knows that nobody stays dead in comic books so it was just a matter of time before he popped up again somehow. That somehow was Andy Kubert’s “What If?”-styled limited series Damian: Son of Batman. 

Comic Book Review: Robin Rises: Omega One-Shot

When Damian Wayne was killed off, I immediately knew it was only a matter of time before the character would somehow be resurrected. He was becoming such a pivotal part of the Batman legacy. By the time he met his demise I knew there was no way they would waste an opportunity to tell more stories about who I consider my favorite sidekick out of all of the Robins. The character was so complex emotionally and had a captivating backstory that further complicated the Dark Knight’s personal life and crime fighting persona.

Graphic Review: Batman and Robin Volume 4: Requiem for Damian

I loved the character of Damian Wayne. He was sassy, rebellious, and gave the greatest super hero in the DC Universe a run for his money. Imagine an eleven-year-old already as angry, bitter, and vengeful as an adult Bruce Wayne. The sparks that flew between the latest incarnation of Batman and Robin were legendary. And it all came to a tragic end much too soon. Batman and Robin Volume 4: Requiem for Damian deals with the aftermath of Death of a Family and shows a Dark Knight struggling to come to grips with his emotions and guilt.

Graphic Review: Batman and Son New Edition

DC Comics awards those who haven't read the graphic novel Batman and Son another chance through the release of a new edition. Some may find the title a bit misleading after ingesting the rather thick fifteen chapter book. Only a few of them actually feature Damian Wayne or anything relevant to his storyline.

Comic Book Review: Damian: Son of Batman Issue #1

I've never been more upset over the death of a Robin than I was that of Damian Wayne's untimely demise. I absolutely loved the little smart-mouthed spoiled brat and the interaction he had with the past Robins, Alfred, Batman, and his father Bruce Wayne. Yes, I did separate the Dark Knight and his alter ego on purpose. They are two different people as anyone who's read the comic books and kept up with the character will recognize is the way he prefers it.

Graphic Review: Batman and Robin Volume 2: Pearl

Batman and Robin Volume 2: Pearl gives us more of the complex dynamics of the Bat-Family. At times, it begins to feel like a prime time soap opera based around the Dark Knight and his dysfunctional bunch. I don't mean that in a negative manner, either. It adds an emotional level that strengthens the book and elevates it above your simple action / adventure fare.

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