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Does Logan Transcend the Super Hero Genre?

With Logan getting such great reviews, it’s become one of the best received comic book adaptations ever, both with fans and critics. Is this film good enough to be considered in the same class as The Dark Knight, and overcome the label of being a “super hero movie”?

Unofficial Prequels: Films That May Have Been Prequels but You Didn’t...

 Do some films get made as secret sequels to unconnected earlier films, turning those older films into prequels? It may just be random coincidence, but some movies seems to work perfectly as continuations of earlier, unrelated films. The earlier films may not be official prequels, and they weren’t made by the same people—or even the same studio—but there are hints, if you look for them, which indicate that later filmmakers possibly looked at earlier projects and secretly wrote their newer films as informal sequels to those prior hits. Or maybe this is all just unplanned happenstance. Look at our list and see what you think.

Long Gaps Between Sequels: Revisiting Old Franchises is Becoming a More...

At one time, it was almost unheard of for a sequel to be made beyond five years after the original (or the previous entry) came out. In recent years, we’ve had many franchises being revisited after several decades, as well as there being other old film series due to be revived soon. Is this becoming a new trend, and if it is, is it a good idea? Does it help or hurt the business?

Affleck Should Bring the Detective Aspect Back to Batman

The character of Batman was first introduced in a series called "Detective Comics". There’s a reason for that. Batman is not just a guy with fancy gadgets who beats up criminals. Batman is a genius-level mind much like Sherlock Holmes, with an unparalleled skill in observation and deduction. He should be a master at both inductive and deductive reasoning. However, that aspect of the character has been sorely lacking in recent interpretations.

Comic Book Review: Batman/Superman Annual #1

The newly relaunched Batman/Superman comic book series grabbed my interest right away. A chance to see the two greatest super heroes meeting each other and working together for the first time was too much to ignore. When the Man of Steel and Dark Knight from Earth 2 showed up, much of my excitement was killed. I really expected more from this newly resurrected book than what I felt was a typical foray into the tedious alternate universe storylines we've been getting as of late. It just felt like the easy way was being taken instead of coming up with something fresh and new.

The Legacy of Nolan’s Batman Trilogy: Good or Bad?

While Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy is acknowledged as a triumph of the action film/comic book genres, did the series ultimately do as much harm as good to the entertainment industry? As well done as they films were, is the vast shadow from the Nolan/Bale trilogy doing damage to the film/TV medium?

Nerd Approved: Detective Comics Annual #1 Comic Book Review

Tony S. Daniel delivers an action-packed close to a year with Detective Comics Annual #1. He's always been a favorite writer and artist on the Batman monthly. When it was announced he would be taking the reins of the character's flagship Detective Comics I couldn't have been more excited. What's more fitting than one of the best creative talents taking over the book that originally launched Gotham's Finest over 70 years ago? Daniel hasn't failed me yet. 

DC Universe Transitions Into an All Digital Comics Platform

After a lot of speculation, Warner Bros. has made it official. All original DC shows will make the jump to HBO Max as DC...