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Graphic Review: Before Watchmen: Minutemen / Silk Spectre Deluxe Edition

All the single issues are out and now it's time to make way for the inevitable deluxe editions of the Before Watchmen titles. DC Comics quite possibly could sell more copies of these hardcover collections than they did the individual issues. After all, anyone who bought the singles are going to want to have them next to the Watchmen book on their library shelf. On top of that, there are plenty of people out there who put off buying the weekly titles because they were too hard to keep up with.

Nerd Approved: Before Watchmen: Minutemen Issue #3 Comic Book Review

Before Watchmen: Minutemen continues the prequel series with the same high-standards in story and artwork we've come to expect from the different creators involved. Every month, this specific title from the Before Watchmen event takes us deeper into the history of the costumed crime fighters. Whether fans of the original graphic novel want to admit it or not, Darwyn Cooke has successfully expanded the universe of Watchmen.

Before Watchmen: Minutemen Issue #2 Comic Book Review

The second issues of Before Watchmen are hitting stores now. Many naysayers will be waiting to see if DC Comics can keep up the momentum they achieved with the first issues of the controversial event. Before Watchmen: Minutemen Issue #2 shows this miniseries moving forward in a positive direction. 

The Ones We’re Meant To Find – Book Review/Blog Tour

One of the most twisty, surprising, engaging page-turner YAs you’ll read this year—We Were Liars with sci-fi scope, Lost with a satisfying resolution. Cee awoke...