Justice League vs Teen Titans: New Blu-Ray Details and Trailer Released

DC's incredibly animated films continue to roll out, and today brings our first real look their next endeavor, Justice League vs. Teen Titans, which includes a new trailer along with all the blu-ray details and special features.  Come inside to learn more! 

DC Animation’s Batman: Bad Blood Gets a Release Date

Warner Bros. next DC animated film, Batman: Bad Blood, will bring together the rest of the Bat-family in one big adventure, and today WB has revealed exactly when fans will be able to watch it, along with the special features coming attached to the blu-ray.  Come inside to learn more!

Mark Hamill Will Voice The Joker in Batman: The Killing Joke

After learning that Warner Bros. was going to adapt The Killing Joke as an animated film, fans immediately began hoping that the iconic voice of Mark Hamill would return to portray the Joker in the villain's most memorable story.  Looks like fans are getting their wish.  

Batman: The Killing Joke is WB’s Next Animated Movie

DC Comics and WB have been making some of the best animated movies around and most of them seem to fly under the radar. These movies normally take a major storyline from the comics and bring them to life in a "direct-to-DVD" animated movie, but like I said they are really good. The next one on their list is going to be one of the most famous Batman stories in comics, The Killing Joke.

Superman Gets Mean in First Clip for Justice League: Gods and...

The DC Universe's next animated film, Justice League: Gods and Monsters is hitting blu-ray next month, but before it hits, you can check out the first clip from the film, showing how the alternate reality team handles the world...

WB’s Animated Batman vs. Robin Cast & Blu-Ray Fully Revealed

Not too long ago a trailer for Batman vs. Robin, a new animated film from Warner Bros and DC, was revealed, but now they've fully detailed the next animated comic adventure including the voice-cast, release date, and first look at the blu-ray cover.  Come inside to check it all out!

Batman: Assault on Arkham Blu-Ray Gets Detailed and Dated

Now that DC Animation's Son of Batman has hit store shelves on blu-ray it's time to look ahead to what's coming next.  While we've seen a trailer and the cover art for Batman: Assault on Arkham, we didn't know exactly when we'd be able to watch it.  Now we do, as Warner Bros. has revealed the release date for the upcoming blu-ray along with details on the special features and everything fans can expect when they pick it up.

New Clip Released for Son of Batman; Plus Cover Art Revealed...

Next week sees the release of DC's 20th animated film on blu-ray in Son of Batman.  In order to remind you of how close it is, Warner Bros. has released an all new clip from the upcoming animation...but that's not all.  On top of the new clip, WB is also revealing the box art for the next animated adventure coming to blu-ray later this year, Batman: Assault on Arkham.  Come inside to check them both out! 

Everything Is Canon: Make Them Cry

On this episode of "Everything is Canon", Steve talks with the writing team of Smith Henderson and Jon Marc Smith all about their debut...