Why Hate the New 52? Hollywood’s Been Doing It For...

As pretty much every comic book fans knows by now, DC is currently undergoing a massive reboot of all their titles. What this means is every single issue is going back to number one, much like how movies are constantly telling origin stories for popular superheroes. While some fans (myself included) are finding this super awesome a lot of the fans hate the entire idea. Perhaps this can be tied to the idea movies or other mediums comic books have grown to be adapted to? Lets take a look at what has been happening over the years and why you should or shouldn’t be too worried.

Will The DC Universe Reboot Impact Movies

There is something extremely huge happening in the comic book world. DC Comics, one of the largest and most well known comic book companies, is revamping its entire line up of comics. What this means is 52 (The New 52 as it’s being called) of DC Comics series’ will all be back at issue number one. While I am personally excited for this reboot and will be heading out at midnight to pick up tons of the new issues, I can’t help but think where else this will lead. How will this affect other portions of the industry DC/WB are a part of? Such as movies, television, books, and so on. Will they all have to be revamped to meet these new “standards” or will they remain untouched?

DC Comics Reboot To be Advertised Before Movies

DC Universe is under going a major reboot, something that could be historical if done correctly. 52 different series from DC Universe, including major series such as Detective Comics and Action Comics, are all being put back to issue one. Nothing of this nature has been attempted within the company and DC is supposedly heading into this full on. We are just starting to get more information on how it will go down.

The Avengers Will Make It Or Break It For All SuperHeroes

We all know an Avengers movie is coming out rather soon, next year actually. With that in mind plenty of Marvel fans are excited. Hell even I’m excited and I’m about as DC fanboy as it gets! However there are certain circumstances that are making me second guess the idea of pushing towards a grand finale before the show is even done. The Avengers are used entirely different as a comic book seres. They are the symbol of great new heroes and the first step used to lead into any major Marvel Comics event. However the film is simply coming out due to fan receptions and not because business calls for it, so lets look at the possibilities of its success. Or perhaps its possible failure.

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