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Todd Philips Shares Joker Test Footage and I Can’t Stop Smiling

You took me by suprise, I didnt realize, that you were laughing. . .

LEGO DC Super-Villians Season Pass Revealed, Comes With 10 In-Game Packs!

The Lego Games are becoming some of the best game on the market. Quality stories with a ton more after launch for only $74? This is a WIN WIN!

Who Will You Fight With in the Injustice 2 Preview Trailer

Warner Bros. Interactive sets the stage for May 16th with the new video Everything You Need To Know About Injustice 2!  Take a look!

Doctor Fate a Playable Character in Injustice 2

The roster for Injustice 2 just keeps getting bigger and more awesome. And now the armored spell caster Doctor Fate is joining the fight.

Can Geoff Johns Save the DCEU as the Guiding Force Behind...

Ever since the news came out yesterday that Geoff Johns will join with Jon Berg as the joint-bosses of the WB’s new DC Film Division, the hopes of many fans have been raised. With a new vision now overseeing the DCEU, will it climb out of its slump and start delivering films that live up to the potential of the characters?

Wonder Woman Wraps Up Filming

Filming has officially wrapped on DCEU's next film, Wonder Woman!  Check out what Director Patty Jenkins had to say.

Arrow Casts Mr. Terrific For Season 4

As the new season of Arrow approaches we get more and more news for what the series has in store later this year.  Today brings news that one of my favorite comic characters is finally getting the live-action treatment: Mr. Terrific.  Come inside to learn more!

Wonder Woman’s New Director

With the departure of Michelle MacLaren from Wonder Woman fans have been wondering who would be able to fill her shoes. Well parting a project for creative differences is nothing new for the replacement as well. 

How the Penguin Saved Gotham

The new series Gotham is still finding its feet and many of the cast members seem unsure of where to go with their roles. However, there is one definite bright spot in the series and that’s Robin Lord Taylor as the Penguin, who’s by far the best thing on the show.

Too Much of a Good Thing? Are We Facing Superhero Film...

 In the cinematic arms race between Marvel and DC, 23 films are scheduled to be released over the next three years. Is this ambitious plan from the two companies a good strategy or are they creating a self-defeating situation where the public will say “enough already!”

USPS Launching New Star Wars Stamps This Spring

Heads up Star Wars fans/collectors, the Post Office is launching a new series of stamps, inspired by your favorite droids later this year! This isn't...