Deathstroke Actor Shares the First Look at the Character

Okay so this is kind of spoilerish but if you stayed till the end of JL this isn’t a surprise.


Nightwing Is The Next Hero to Join the DCEU; Director In...

Warner Bros. and DC are planning yet another superhero solo film to join their DCEU, the fan-favorite Nightwing.  Come inside for more information on who may even be directing the flick.

Director Matt Reeves Handed the Keys to the Batcave

The Caped Crusader may have found his director!  DC is offering the gig to the well-accomplished director, Matt Reeves.  Come inside to learn more about him and what this could mean for the DCCU overhaul.

Patrick Wilson to Play Villain in Aquaman Movie

Aquaman Director James Wan has found his villain for the undersea thriller!  Come inside to learn more about Patrick Wilson and which villain he'll portray!

The Flash Movie Loses Its Second Director; May Be Delayed

One of DC's solo films has hit, yet another, snag.  The Flash movie has lost its second director and it could slow down the world's fastest man from making it to theaters on time.  Come inside for more.

Joe Manganiello Announces Batman Solo Film Shooting in Spring

Ben Affleck's Batman solo film will be shooting much earlier than anticipated, thanks to the man playing across from him as Deathstroke!  Come inside for more.

Joe Manganiello officially set to take on the Bat

Geoff Johns has officially given us a new villain for not only the DC Cinematic Universe, but for Ben Afflecks solo Batman film.

A Lot of Joker’s Scenes Cut Out of Suicide Squad

With just a few hours until Suicide Squad makes its theatrical debut, moviegoers hoping to see a lot of Jared Leto's Joker will be disappointed by this revelation.  More info after the jump!

Behold the Enchanting Movie Poster for Wonder Woman

Warner Bros. and DC have just released the poster for Wonder Woman and it is stunning yet simplistic!  Check it out!

New Trilogy of Dragonlance Novels Coming From Original Authors

While it looked like a legal dispute would end up putting the Dragonlance book revival to bed, things are back on track with the...