Bungie Reveals Exotic Pre-Order Bonus for Destiny 2

If you're a Destiny fan, you're going to love the Exotic Weapon Bungie is gifting gamers who pre-order Destiny 2.  What's better than the exotic weapon was the video they created to announce it.  Check it out!

Destiny 2 Beta Brings Promising Hopes

When Destiny first arrived in Alpha years ago, I was blown away. I was addicted to the Alpha and with all the promises Bungie made about the final game I was more than excited to continue my adventure. Well the story has been told and Bungie stripped a lot of the content from the initial release, leaving most of us a bit underwhelmed until eventual DLC expansions released. Luckily Destiny started to take shape, and it seems Destiny 2 is the release we’ve all been waiting for.

Ansel Elgort’s Destiny 2 Impressions and His Starring Role in Baby...

Ansel Elgort came by after attending  the L.A Premiere of Edgar Wright’s Baby Driver (which world-premiered at SXSW) to rep Destiny 2 at Activion’s big booth in the South Hall of E3. In the film, he stars as the titular “Baby” and I got to sneak some film related questions in before segueing into our overwhelming videogame surroundings.  We hung out in the private booth and got to play some Destiny 2 afterwards.

Hands On With Assassin’s Creed Origins and Destiny 2

On top of getting to play around with Wolfenstein II and Call of Duty WWII, our E3 team also had the chance to test out Assassin's Creed Origins and Bungie's Destiny 2.  Come inside to see what we thought of the new titles and how well they played in our demo time.  

Destiny 2 Gets Beta Dates, Plus New Trailers

Check out all the new details for Destiny 2 including a couple new trailers after the jump!

Our Impressions on the Destiny 2 Announcements

Bungie and Activision have stepped off the stage and we now have a better idea of what Destiny 2 will be like.  Check out two of our biggest Destiny players’, Matt and Dustin, thoughts on Destiny 2, so far!

Destiny 2 Adds More Story, Locations, and Multiplayer Features

This September, Bungie and Activision will launch Destiny 2 on Xbox One, PS4, and finally PC.  Before that launch day arrives, the developers decided to throw a big preview event to show off their sequel!  

TFGP Episode 73: TFGP Invades AggieCon

In this episode of TFGP we invade our local convention, AggieCon who is on their 48th year of A&M student run nerdom.

‘Rally the Troops’ in the First Trailer for Destiny 2

The first of many Destiny 2 trailers have finally arrived!  Come inside and find out what all is going on with the Guardians of The Last City!

The Last City Has Fallen in First Destiny 2 Teaser

The first trailer for Destiny 2 is dropping in the next few days.  Before it arrives, Bungie and Activision have given us a brief glimpse into the new game with a teaser that shows the end of the Last City!  Check it out!

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