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Bungie Reveals New Destiny 2 Expansion Trailer Curse of Osiris

The first expansion for Destiny 2 is coming at the perfect time and it'll cover the mysterious Osiris!  For more, continue below!

Bungie Reveals Exotic Pre-Order Bonus for Destiny 2

If you're a Destiny fan, you're going to love the Exotic Weapon Bungie is gifting gamers who pre-order Destiny 2.  What's better than the exotic weapon was the video they created to announce it.  Check it out!

Our Impressions on the Destiny 2 Announcements

Bungie and Activision have stepped off the stage and we now have a better idea of what Destiny 2 will be like.  Check out two of our biggest Destiny players’, Matt and Dustin, thoughts on Destiny 2, so far!

Destiny 2 Adds More Story, Locations, and Multiplayer Features

This September, Bungie and Activision will launch Destiny 2 on Xbox One, PS4, and finally PC.  Before that launch day arrives, the developers decided to throw a big preview event to show off their sequel!  

‘Rally the Troops’ in the First Trailer for Destiny 2

The first of many Destiny 2 trailers have finally arrived!  Come inside and find out what all is going on with the Guardians of The Last City!

The Last City Has Fallen in First Destiny 2 Teaser

The first trailer for Destiny 2 is dropping in the next few days.  Before it arrives, Bungie and Activision have given us a brief glimpse into the new game with a teaser that shows the end of the Last City!  Check it out!

Destiny 2 Poster Images Leaked

Rumors have been swirling about what Destiny 2 will be about and when we'll get to play it.  Today, more leaked images have surfaced that seem to fortify these rumors.  Take a look!

The Fathergamer Podcast: Episode 67

In this all-new episode of TFGP, Eric’s discusses his adventure in saying goodbye to the family cat.  We also talk about our time with Destiny’s newest expansion, Rise of Iron, Katy informs us why Speed Runs are like crack rock, the crew give their final thoughts on No Man’s Sky and explain why they compare it to bad sex.  Come inside to have a listen!  

Destiny Gets In the Halloween Spirit With The Festival of the...

Another year, another season of tricks and treats in Destiny!  Bungie plans on upping the ante on their Festival of the Lost seasonal event!  Watch the trailer below!

New Destiny Update To Make Raising Light Levels Easier

The weekly Bungie report has been released and with it comes some exciting news for Destiny players grinding to get their light level up!  Find out more after the jump!

Casually Criterion Delves into Y Tu Mama Tambien, The Expanse, and...

This week's episode of the Casual Cinecast goes back into the Criterion Collection with Y Tu Mama Tambien along with thoughts on The King...